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The Quest For Level 60. Mario will get every Newgrounds level episode-by-episode until he gets Level 60 and becomes a Newgrounds God.

Today he finally tries to get Level 5.

This is not a daily series because I'm too lazy.. Uh leave a review, I respond to all.


AHAHAHAHAHA...... *sniff* ooh my god

that joke in the beginning was hilarious! its funny cause its true!
Mario is trying to get all the violent ratings, i mean, have you seen those things? I didnt think any vidio game parodies could be so cruel!

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Slow claps.

That was beautiful.

Animation/Graphics - Pretty smooth work all around with these sprites. I enjoy watching sprite animations because they always bring back good memories of playing games like Mario or Sonic. The only animation that I think you need to work on is the jumping animation. He just kind of floated there too long and he jumps way too far when he did. I think it was just a little bit of lazy animation there. =P Also, sometimes he would still be running while he jumped. That's also something that should have been fixed and seemed just a little lazy.

Story/Content - I remember seeing this flash when you submitted it I think. I really love the concept of this flash and think you should continue it. It's a really good idea, especially when you put effort into it like this. With each level the flash should be a little bit longer and a little bit harder for Mario to be successful in.

Audio - The pokemon music really made me laugh here. ^^ The audio and sound effects were perfectly fine and well synced. Good job all around.

Overall - Probably would be one of my favorite series if you continued them successfully like this one.

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Sispri responds:

Thank you soooo much for this review omgomgomg!!! I am going to individually respond to all your reviews now.

For starters, yeah the character was shaky and the gameplay laggy. But you gotta cut me some slack on the scripting of the .clipEvents. The music WAS indeed superior and Andrew W.K. is without doubt awesome. But I digress as this was a mere BETA test. In the future I hope to release even more unique stuff like this. Perhaps this time with a lovable character such as a talking pumpkin.

I really hope this game gets sponsored. I could really use some money for gas. Otherwise I'll have to get a job and there goes my right-side creativity. Baw well.
Thanks again though. I will continue to improve with my journey in the wonderful world of Flash.


its very very fun but short

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Sispri responds:

!!! thnx


umm.... yeah.... cool and alll..... but dude........ no point and too short..... sry man..... if u made a decent story line and length id totally watch.... but for now.... just plain shitty.

Sispri responds:

Meh. This is what I'm sticking with for now. It's good sprite practice.

All right! Now we're getting somewhere

I remember when these began, all the way back in December. Back then, these movies, while better than the Afro_Stud ripoff that I expected, well... OK, I can't really put it any other way, and no offense, but they just sucked at the start. No sound, crappy sprite use, blank white background, you remember it all so I won't waste space with any further detail. Then you had Bstuk2 do episode 4, while you worked on other projects... And it was the best one yet.

But you must have taken the hints from the NG community about improving your skills and your submissions, because this one's damn good. If I may say so, Yoshi, it's a major improvement over any other work that you have yet made. I'm greatly impressed by how much you have improved since December, or even more so on your great improvements since the last time I saw any of your movies other than the Afro_Stud ripoffs.

Overall, it's not quite the best movie I've seen on NG. However, it is the best movie of yours that I've seen. Keep up improving like this, and pretty soon you'll be one hell of a popular artist, far more so than you are now.
5/5, 10/10. Review #106.

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Sispri responds:

Thanks, SoulMaster, I do consider this one of my best works. It was also my time using sprites, heh. They'll be more to come, so look out. ;)

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Apr 25, 2008
9:05 PM EDT
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