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All Your Leet

rated 3.87 / 5 stars
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Apr 22, 2008 | 1:50 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Well here it is. My tribute to the AYB Craze. It took about a week to make and I enjoyed making it. If you do not get this, please watch the original All Your Base Collection here: /portal/view/11940 it'll make WAY more sense. Note: Yes this is supposed to humorous and the english is left in its original sloppily translated version. Hope you like it!

Please recommend for the All Your Base collection.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty interesting

This, if it we're in the All Your Base collection would be my favorite flash in that collection I will try to add it to that. It may be a sloppily translated version but it's still really intersting and hooking to the end I like the audio choice to by the way.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beleive it or not. D:

This is one of your better animated movies. You really aren't that bad at making movies. If you would take your time I think you could create a pretty good flash someday. Therefor I can also make a review like I usually make reviews. =P

Animation/Graphics - Not the best, but I think all you had to do was work on the in between animation. Without it you didn't get any real animation. It's more like pictures that move here and there. Things like walking, mouth movement, etc.. Those are the things that make flashes good animation wise.

Story/Content - I liked the way the flash started off... then it got spammy towards the end. :( Believe it or not I have never saw the submission that you are tributing here. I will have to check it out to fully understand the humor in this submission. Well.. honestly to understand any of the humor. It's apparently famous here on newgrounds, but I haven't seen a lot of famous flashes.

Audio - The voices were alright, but needed to be better. These would be so much better with voice actors instead of those mechanical voices that you use. I can see where the pictures were going by and why the voices would be alright there though.

Overall - Starts off good and then gets spammy. Needed work on the in between animations such as walking and mouth movements and also needs voice actors instead of those other voices.

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Sispri responds:

Thank you soooo much for this review omgomgomg!!! I am going to individually respond to all your reviews now.

For starters, yeah the character was shaky and the gameplay laggy. But you gotta cut me some slack on the scripting of the .clipEvents. The music WAS indeed superior and Andrew W.K. is without doubt awesome. But I digress as this was a mere BETA test. In the future I hope to release even more unique stuff like this. Perhaps this time with a lovable character such as a talking pumpkin.

I really hope this game gets sponsored. I could really use some money for gas. Otherwise I'll have to get a job and there goes my right-side creativity. Baw well.
Thanks again though. I will continue to improve with my journey in the wonderful world of Flash.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Yay, yoshi!

You made an ayb?

You rule. *huggles*

But the animation needs word, dude. srsly.

Sispri responds:



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I'm not sure what emotion you hoped to spark. Confusion? Nostalgia? Anger? Bemusement?

In me, this provoked the marginal confusion above and perhaps also disappointment and boredom. Nothing else.

IThe title screen - with badly drawn text shifitng around - just doesn't look good. If you're gonna draw out text, make it well drawn.

I haven't seen the intro drawn out before, but the fact that it was drawn, rather than the original screenshots, actually reduced the appeal imo. Your drawings weren't graphically appealing.

I kina liked the pic with the petrol station prices, as it seemed like something that could actually happen in life without staging and wasn't obvious like the clocks.

I admit I never liked the original though and any 'craze' is long passed. The idea of this kind of slideshow just seems kind of boring - amusing the first time you see it, but never thereafter.

Sispri responds:

Fads pass and I guess this is old.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Crap lol

This was pretty crap, i hate all your base parodies and this was no exception, meaning less slideshows are boring and get really old really fast.
The sound quality was really bad and the characters and backrounds were bad and out of proportion. This needs alot of work.

[Review Request club]

Sispri responds:

Carp. lol.