Still Alive - FFVI Style

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This isn't a big fancy animation, this is a quick farewell animation for my laptop. If you wanna see a big fancy animation, check out Sonic 15th 1+2 or Metal Triad.
3 years I've animated on this piece of stone age equipment, I'm saying good bye to this 513mb of Ram, and the terrible 256mhz Processor.
By tomorrow night, I will have a laptop worth animating on, but thats not to say the past 3 years weren't fun, that fact I was even able to animate on this is a shock to me.
So goodbye my cruddy Windows 2000NT, I shall never have to wait 20 minutes for a flash file to open anymore.


FF6 + still alive...

...equals win. Good sprites, great song, loved the magitech section.

RicStrife responds:

xD Thanks, I liked making the Portal References, like in the preloader and the Aperture Science sign, and the Weighted Companion Cube at the Party :P just like GLaDOS said...

I heard

I heard another version of this except it was bowser sing I'm still annoyed. Maybe you should try a FF7 version of this.

RicStrife responds:

Yeah, my friend VixinMcCloud did a flash of the Bowser parody version, check it out


Ive always liked this song also i enjoyed how what they said matched what you put visually. However i didnt like how you didnt finish the song or was the ending really a lie? overall i give this a 10/10 and a 5/5 good work.

RicStrife responds:

Thanks, well who knows what the future holds?


That is really cute! Some of the graphics and things are random but other than that I thought it was a grea clip!

RicStrife responds:

Thanks a lot, I tried to make the actions match the lyrics.


Loved it. Made me giggle.

RicStrife responds:

Thanks A Lot

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Apr 14, 2008
10:33 PM EDT
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