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Super Smash bros ST 5

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-Master hand and crazy hand are about to die, but they have one final thing
to do before they get to zero!

Extras are unlocable the story is on one of my old news post's sorry u_u.

To cool for the smash bros colection lol x)

-watch the other 4 episodes =3-



man its flawless email me man i NEED to watch ST 6 it has everything but make a new oone man otherwise ur awesome

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This is the own all movie.

This was incredibly amazing, infact awesome at least.

Those other people are idiots who hate Super Smash Bros. and don't know what their saying. They obviously don't like sprite animations. Nicolesgw and IT'S lame followers are all sick in the head. Of course this won't get deleted. If everybody used their own sprites then every single flash would be hard to follow. Who doesn't like random intense fighting? That is what SSBB is all about! [They obviously didn't think that through at all.] For Giga Bowser, he looked okay but nobody can really draw Giga Bowser in the first place. >.<

This was simply awe inspiring. The rest of the series was about the same. You should really continue making animations for you are really good at them. You really capture the intensity and power of Super Smash Bros.

No, I didn't vote 10 because I am absolutely obsessed with SSBB. I am not a fanboy who votes 10 on everything either. This was as good as they come and I feel proud to give it a high rating. Power to you!

nice movie

long but great


this is the best series on newgrounds ever made. Mario is gonna come back and kick there ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

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very great!

I love this vid! whens the next episode comin? cant wait!

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4.15 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2008
10:46 PM EDT