WeRBopBop #8

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Olympic Torchure!

The Olympic Torch comes to BopBop Land! But will the monks of Tibet stand a chance?

Thanks for watching, Newgrounds!

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I had to check what year this was. 2008 of course! That was the date of an Olympics! It's just amazing how there's no lines you won't cross. That's how comedy should be. I just love Princess' voice.

It goes along great with the action and gore. Is there a sports section here? It seems like there should be. Well, this might fall under Politics better. The voices are as hilarious as ever.

I think this is by far the best WeRBopBop!

I furthermore think you really should focus on including political statements, social criticism and all that valuable stuff in your shorts. So long.

Too funny

This was another funny episode of your WeRBopBop flash series,i was laughing my ass off seeing that communist guy set that guy on fire and other crazy things plus the voice acting was also hilarious,overall i got lots of laughs from this and think you did another great job on this.


Funny :P

Not racist though. Rather than a characture of the person/people who gave the go ahead in the first place, racist would be implying that EVERY Chinese person was responsible for the suppression of Tibet.

Let me put it to you this way; if it had been a cartoon about the Holocaust and it was a Hitler-like character being a bit of a bastard would we all be screaming RASCIST? No.

Besides, it's that kind of cartoon, you'd be happy to laugh at rape, severe violence etc (much worse things than mild racism may I add) untill it hits home. THEN it's suddenly "bad".

This was not for fun.

This was not meant to be racist as I see it. It is a way of showing how some things are overlooked in the world. Yet it is a matter that only the involved parties should solve unless the ones that get into this situation are willing to seriously get involved and change things. Mankind should look into this kind of situations but most people are just asleep.

Anyway. This series are well made yet the storyline tends to be of a morbid humor, and for that I shall take three stars off. So 7/10.

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Apr 11, 2008
8:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original