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Adolf Hitler:CAI493+D 233

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Full title: Adolf Hitler in Catching ('em) All in 493+ Days

A spinoff from the 'Adolf Hitler in Around the World in 80 Days' series. This series follows Adolf Hitler on his Pokémon journey as he attempts to complete his Pokédex.

After having fully evolved his Phanpy, Adolf has travelled to Mars (making him the first man to step foot on the planet), where he has decided to train his Porygon.

What? PORYGON is evolving!


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Another cool one

The song in this one was pretty good it was for sure something different but the music really plays a big role in this one, I like your ideas but seems like more imagination should go into these more ideas and more nifty backrounds even, anyways nice work here.

I like your ideas but seems like more imagination should go into these more ideas and more nifty backrounds even


Lack of imagination

So the creators have run out of inspiration for names at last?! They didn't even make much of an effort to redesign the character, just rounding off the edges.

I think that the disguise could take some more work to make it fit in properly - the nose in particular looked badly drawn, which ruined the effect.

At least this one has the evolution animation, but it's still not enough to satisfy me - we need something like Hitler dressing up in his disguise and producing a nice little twist, such as a duck caller, for example.

[Review Request Club]

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Well it is based on the evolution of technology. :)


The only reason I decided to watch it was I thought I could find some reason to rate you higher than the others....or...i don't even know what to believe anymore

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

So what did you think of the submission?

Boo this flash

I was about to give this a 1, when I realized there was nothing to give it a 1 for. The only kind of animation besides porygon evolving, (which was garbage) was a picture of hitler with shitty added on peak n flippers. Not to mention the music which no one undertood, (unless you happen to speak that language, forgive my ingnorance for not knowing). Which is extremely unlikely.

Perhaps you can put your flash in some sort of direction, even in the direction that doesnt make any sense would have been fine.

This however you created and just threw into newgrounds.

This probably took you all of 3 minutes. 1:30s to get the pitures, 30s to make the animation, 1min to sumbit.

Try harder next time

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Sounds like you missed the intro.


It took that many people to make this? Holy cow. Please put more effort into these animations, and include an actually story line. I think this is just an excuse to have a flash in the portal. I would highly suggest a better storyline. In the little animation I actually saw, you have potential. this aint gonna cut it any more, stop submitting Adolf Hitler: blah blah blah whatever.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

There is a storyline. Adolf Hitler is trying to complete his Pokédex.

These don't exist just to have flashes in the portal, they exist because people demanded that they exist.

I'm not going to stop submitting these just because you don't like them. You're far from anyone special.