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relativelynew to flash so dont be too harsh, i made this in class when i was bored and apparently it was good so i decided to see if u all like it, the musicis a little less conversation(JXL remix) by elvis


Good artistic eye

As many have noticed before, your animation skills are not as great as other's. But, I'm not an animator, so that's not what I'm looking for. You have a good eye for movement and character in your lines. Every once in a while during your flash I noticed a hint of playfulness within the lines. They had some great movement. I do agree that this could have been improved with a higher frame rate. I have two main problems with the animation: one is the downtime when one line would go around in a circle for a bit seemingly without a motive. There was too much of that and it got boring. The second is that there was no culmination. It just seemed to end. I wanted some sort of spectacle or finale to sum up the whole piece, but there was nothing. There was an end credit and then the music just stopped and the whole thing fell apart for me. These are just a few things to think about for next time. I like your aesthetic. Don't stop.


Your obviously developing your skills and this is appropriate for a newcomer to flash. Your skills do have potential and i can see an emergence of something more profound in this flash. Perhaps you could have blown us away with something more visually spectacular than just lines. I suggest you put your time and effort into a more worthwhile and thoughtful flash instead of this. I hope to see an improvement in your next flash.
Looking forward to it


The lines are kind of too thick and when they formed pictures, they weren't all that impressive and didn't stay long enough for me to get a good look. Try animating sticks or basic characters instead of spending 4 seconds per frame, drawing a little line. No offense. You'll improve alot more by experimenting with sticks and such. And if you're going to draw lines, at least bump the frames per second up to like 25 fps or 30 fps. If you look at the onion skin, the lines should overlap quite a bit or at least in contact with eachother depending on how fast the thing is moving, especially for lines.

you have skill but...

its kinda wasted on this, no offence your skill with flash is good, perhaps you should try making a series or something, but glowing lines that move just dont cut it for me


Hey, that wasn't bad, especially for a beginner.

It gets a little repetitive over time, but it's nice none the less.

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Apr 2, 2008
5:54 PM EDT
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