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Can you solve all the levels by using your little guys as a team? Only time will tell!
This is a little game I put together based on some friends of mine who are currently under alot of pressure having to work together at University for their final year project, so this is for them.
Have fun traveling around the cute world of the Scoregamites!


Very Entertaining

This game was fun, challenging and intuitive.
The controls are very easy to use in terms of moving scoregamites, free came and other objects. The learning curve is very easily understood with your implementation of text in the level design itself. Animation is simplistic and suits well with the games concept and overall image. Colourful and fun, the game offered a variety of challenges and allowed me to experiement alot with a multitude of scoregamites at my command. Switching between them with the shift is also a very good handy little feature, as well as the free cam. User interface and interaction is satisfying and high.
Very well done

Great game!

This is a very nice idea, and well executed.
The characters are very cute, I was very motivated to help them on their journey.
The puzzles are mostly very well designed and were lots of fun to solve.

The background music fits very well, but starts to annoy you after some time.

There are some bugs left in the leveldesign:
In one level, for example, the spawnpoint is placed over a moveable platform. If the platform has been moved, the characters fall to their death endlessly on respawning.

Great Game!

This reminds me alot of Lost Vikings. Keep up the good work!

Very nice

Really well made. I finished it in about 10 mins, so it wasn't TOO hard. And I like the concept. I was kinda looking forward to a final puzzle though...something to actually defeat the tyrant. But then again, I suppose it would be easier to make a sequel now...which I am looking forward to.


great puzzle, i love this kind of game.
the characters are fun, and the graphics are awesome.
the free cam helps sometimes, but the music got me bored after a while.
put one different music in each level, and it'll be perfect!
i arrived at the level 5, later i'll continue.

great game, congratulations!

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2008
5:06 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle