Raise to Review Mod V1.5

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DISCLAIMER: This game is not based on how moderation goes because I don't really know what happens. It also isn't very accurate in many ways, I just made it for fun and such so don't take it seriously.
Flag your way to review moderator and then take control of the reviews that are flagged, don't let M-Bot down though and make sure you don't ruin your chances in the flagging stages, a garbage whistle will mean no modship for you.
There are hidden names you can use, some are mentioned in parts of the flash, so be sure to look, but here's one I haven't mentioned in the flash, try using the name "Lordbling" if you get bored. In this, I did add 4 flash animations, that isn't the main point to this though, so don't expect them to be quality. If this turns out to be populare, I will look to add some more reviews to it so they are more random and increase replay value.
The first one can be found here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/410758

Please leave a review, I respond to all :)


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ha ha ha

every review i write to tell how much i hate misleading videos m-bot gets on my ass even if i don't swear,funny video even though it's a joke.just so he won't send me anymore annoying review deletion notices i'll humor all the misleading videos i find and wear a smile.so it was a funny april fools day joke ha ha ha ha ha ha.

TomatoSalad responds:

That nasty M-Bot, let's get him!


you trololololed us, thats funny. i was wondering how this wasnt flagged by newgrounds but i guess i get it now

TomatoSalad responds:

Why would it be flagged?

I knew this wasnt real

Its as fake as the chances of surviving a bullet to the face :'(

After the let down I didnt find the joke funny...

TomatoSalad responds:

It was released on April 1st...


i thought i would get some thing in my dead life

TomatoSalad responds:


Yo got me

that joke was so funny

TomatoSalad responds:

Well great!

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3.18 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2008
7:58 AM EDT