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The Fur Fighters

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Save your friends from becoming fur coats! In a three level mini adventure game, the fur avengers poke a bit of fun at the fur industry, notably Burberry's shameful support of fur. Doused with a liberal dose of civil disobedience (disclaimers included). Nuff said. Play the game, enjoy, leave your comments :) FWP.

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Why the fuck PETA?

The same models you just called "dumb" are now on your side, great. But we already established that they're not intelligent. Way to grab the low hanging fruit. Are they just susceptible to sensationalism or what?

this is too awefull. the gameplay is boring and the message you are giving is completly onesided.

PETA is finally totally right about something: Weraing animals!

I think it's sad to wear animals just for fashion. There are so many other choices! I mean really, let's kill an endangered animal so these people can wear nice clothing and we charge them a million bucks? Sad.


Wait so burberry is a REAL place? I thought you made it up.

Either way, you kill animals too, asshole! Do us all a favor, PETA and SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD ALREADY!!

UGH! The music's fucking awful too. All you guys do is talk out of your ass. I love animals but I hate cruelty which is what you guys do too.

Fuck you, PETA.........GO TO HELL!! ~>=C