Dbz a Different Path

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[DBZ ADP] Ive had the idea for this for quiet some time now, I was just waiting till I got better on flash to actually make it, Its quiet short though but thats because my pc started to lag majorly after I hit 2000 frames so I had to end it alot quicker than i hoped Injoy

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this was nice, and considering how big the size is we cant ask for more, but some things can really improve, like the blasts, they sucked, not even loop
and really different to dbz since they talk like they arent themselves... idk overall decent i think


I really liked how the battle was fast , the effect with the camera was great , nice job

Eh it was ok if you spent time on it.

You did do quite well, and I respect that. But it really looked like it was rushed and not really thought through. The grammar through out the flash wasn't very good, I've caught 22 grammar mistakes, thats including spelling errors. If you're going to make DBZ flash, then actually make it sound DBZ, no offense but its like turning DBZ into a more childish version. "shut up or I'm going to blow your head off!" Blow your head off? "Cell: We must run away and think of a strategy". Ok for one cell is bent on becoming perfect and why the hell would he say "run and think of a strategy". Thats just not him, not only that you have changed personalities of some of the characters. No offense but just by watching this I know your 9-13(your 13). You did a good job flash wise, pretty good I must say, even the sounds arn't bad, but story wise and trying to make the characters right you arn't very good at, also I know short factor in person, hes my nephew, and he can do a far better jobs, just by viewing his other videos, not only that Most of his flash vids have atleast a rationg of 4.0 or higher, you have a average between 2-3, and you say he can't make better? judging by what you have said about him, your pretty cocky and ignorant, no offense.

good job

saw it and the action is looking pretty intense, can't wait to see your next one

Nice interactive movie!

I don't really follow DBZ except for games =/ But from what I seen, thats a pretty good movie, even interactive.

Pros- Interactive- you click, it happens. You don't need to wait or speed-read for the next conversation. Full of action, and not bad graphics considering its a 3-5 min movie. Easy to understand even if you don't follow the actual show.

Cons- Unfinished. Long enough..but I need something to Con about ;) Graphics arn't the best, resembles pixel drawings ;)

Improvement (opinion only)-

*I figure graphics are the best they'll get without lookin like a 2 year old drew them..or me :) So that doesn't seem to need improvement..but go for it if you're an artist
*Add to it, continue this and throw in a sequel, if Newgrounds likes it
*Keep the story going down a different path, away from the actual show..Newgrounds doesn't want to see what it already seen on T.V =P

Kio-Xion responds:

Thanks, that was realy helpful.

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Mar 16, 2008
5:27 PM EDT
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