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Welcome to Noob2: The sequal

This game a basically a far better version of 'NOOB' which was my first game ever released onto Newgrounds just after 2 days of getting flash.
Ive now had flash for about a week and been working hard on ths new game which is hopefully a far better standard.
I'm still only a noob myself at flash and teaching myself how to use it by testing out all the comands and figuring out what they do.

Anyway, about the game...

The game is a load of mini games which will challenge your brain, the game involves mouse control, concentration, general knowledge, memory and reflexes.

Theres only 15 levels to compleate instead of the initial 100 i was going for, thats because i want to start bigger and better projects, but the 15 levels ive put into the game should take a while to compleate still and they should get harder as you go on through the levels.

Hope you enjoy this game as much as i did making it.

Edit: Fixed the glitch which teleports you to level 7

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wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to easy

if u make a noob3 which i hope u do plz make it cinsiderably harder cos i found this much easier than i thought and hoped

I... am going... to fucking...

I found the second maze thing a bit annoying because i have the shittiest mouse EVER. I got pissed off and slammed the mouse on the table while accidentally clicking the right button, sending me back to the start, so i kinda quit.
I think it was one of the most challenging things ive played in a while.
Very nice work with this, keep it up :D



hehe, in fact i like it. only, did the mazes fuck up my mouse on purpose, or was that not supposed to happen? nice though!


I'm a hardcore gamer who has fast reflexs and a 3.9 gpa and this was difficult, the odd one out one lvl 14 took me a couple minutes to spot. look forward to another one. last lvl was a good challenge too.

level 15

i gives 9 stars you lost one on level 15, which alot of people can't beat. good job with the right click thing but left click is a problem now (i didn't know left click had those abbilitys)

sorry for spelling errors

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3.93 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2008
5:49 PM EDT
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