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EDIT: As of 2019 this game is now live again! Let me know if you experience any difficulties connecting.

The Newgrounds Card Game is an online multiplayer trading card game based on Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad.

I strongly recommend you read the simple help section inside. Please be safe and sensible, but most of all, have fun!

Go to http://rustyarcade.com/go odies.php for exclusive NG Cards wallpapers and msn icons!

Feel free to host this game on your website

Produced by Rustyarcade.com

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No sense in giving a grade to a game that doesn't work anymore.

Rustygames responds:

The server is back up now. Thanks for letting me know it was down.

Why can't I login in I literally just made an account lol

Rustygames responds:

The server is back up now. Thanks for letting me know it was down.

Hey, are the servers down for good now? Me and a few friends remembered about this game and I managed to find it again but sad to see that it gives me the "connection failed" message

Rustygames responds:

Sorry I always forget to put it back up whenever I reboot the server. It should be working now.

For anyone else who tries to play and the server is down, inbox me a reminder or something :)

Thank you for bringing this game back again! I had an issue with it in 2008 where it was possible to get free double XP and dupe cards, thanks for fixing it!

I remember back in this game's heyday (I played on Kongregate rather than on Newgrounds), it was lively and completely fun. A copy-paste of the Final-Fantasy VIII system, but one that was thematically interesting and nonetheless fun to play. If literally anyone was still playing, I'd be willing to rate this five stars and change.

Sadly, that's not the case anymore. :( This game needs a larger audience - and until it gets one, I'm afraid it's only going to get a 3 from me. It probably shouldn't even get that - a multiplayer game without players isn't a game at all - but I remember this too fondly to not rate this at least averagely.

Rustygames responds:

I agree. Shame no one is playing, because it's a multiplayer clone of Triple Triad which was a great game. Consider getting some of your friends to play with you, maybe if enough people do that, it might find itself a small community again and pick up.
Thanks for the review

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2008
5:23 PM EST
Strategy - Other