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--If you dont mind, SUBMIT TO NG COLLABS, as Nick and I have been working with eachother only because of newgrounds :) --

This was a project me (Morrowdays) and Nick (Nicholas-Deary) took on yesterday, because we both wanted to see that little date 29/2/08 on something of ours, as it does only come once every four years.

What ended up happening was that I made a part, and nick sent me this amazing sequence of pixel drawn parts of a journey sort of thing, so I used the initial part I made as an intro, which you can watch, as the intro. Anyways, I wanted my contribution to fit more with Nick's, so I made a similarly styled piece which eventually flowed into his. Since Nick is the most productive animator around, he managed to make two parts in the time it took me to make one. x)

It runs at 24 frames per second, in the dimensions 550x325. And Now, a word from Nicholas.

Me and Morrow were talking yesterday evening about the whole 29th of February thing and we both thought it would be a great idea to do a collab to mark the occasion. Then I basically made two 15 second bits of animation and emailed them to Morrow and he put them together with his own parts and a menu. My two parts feature a pixel helicopter flying over a trace bitmap landscape and a creepy atmospheric piece implying that the guy at the window will be stabbed.

Keep in mind, we did have the time limitation of well, a day, and we hope this humble effort will please the god of February 29th.

Nick and Moro, Moro and Nick

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some rare words

This is a very very unique animation. Your textures are always very well combined and the frame-rate inconsistency keeps my eyes moving across the screen. Dream-like, tangible, but still short and sweet as to not lose attention in the slightest.
Where do you import your texture bitmaps and backgrounds from? I seem to remember thinking they often look like scanned images and drawings in your older animations.

MorrowDays responds:

The sky in my parts (morrow's parts) is a scanned in piece of paper towel, and all the bitmappy pixel art was done in flash with the pixel tool, available for free at the adobe exchange page, on adobe.com.

The pattern in the intro for the person's clothing wasnt actually done by either of us, it was made by a really talented artist named Dan Funderburgh. You should google him, hes really great. Some might say I'm taking credit for his work in that situation, but I was going for a collage sort of thing, and in collages thats what you do, you cut apart other peoples stuff. The ground in the intro was taken from the
texture site found below. :)

http://www.bencloward.com/textures_ce ment.shtml

thanks for the review qwertyporst, nice to here from you :)


Great minds thing alike

I was actually just thinking today, "i wish I had a flash for today, because i'll never be able to submit on February 29th again until 2012"
To bad I didn't have me own project finished. But i'm spending a fair amount of time on it, and didn't want to rush.
Sorry about my own life story there ^_^

The movie though, was rather confusing. Yet interesting in it's own way.
I like the use of the pixel tool, just because it doesn't appear to often in flashes.
I notice the paper towel was squeezed in again (nice)
I like how due to your two distinct styles, it was easy to spot where Nick's part would stop and Moro's would begin. And vise-versa.
Impressive given only a day of work.

MorrowDays responds:

Haha, its like, we did our own 2-hour time trial collab ^_^

I was thinking about you when I put the kitchen roll (as nick called it :D) in as the background, I'll use a new texture in upcoming things though because that one has been in several things, including three of my yeah right parts and this, and treekeepers :)

Good luck with all your stuff goat-man, cant wait to see your 2012 feb 29th submission in four years!


I liked it.

Not bad, I liked the visuals. Didn't really see a story to it, but maybe it's just cause I wasn't looking for one. Still, it's one of those artsy ones you just like for reasons you can't explain. Nice work, hope this passes so you can get the Feb 29 on it like you hoped.

MorrowDays responds:

It passed, and the date shall eternally shout to the world, 29/2/08. There were actually three stories, now that you mention it, the first was the green guy who was limping around, the second was the pretty scenery which eventually cut to the guy walking, and the third was the guy at the window, looking around outside. Of course, the three were cut to and fro really quite often, so I totally understand how someone would get confused. :)

thanks for the review

Good until it just suddenly stopped.Would've fived

Why did you just give it such a screeching halt of an ending?3/5 cause I still liked it.

MorrowDays responds:

I've fixed it now, it isnt as abrupt, sorry for that. I'll PM you so you'll come back and five it ;)

Not bad

It was interesting and kept me watching.

MorrowDays responds:

Well I'm glad it did. That is generally the aim of a film, as it were.