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The Hill Collab

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I've had people asking me to notify them of my next collab. Well I'm making a sequel to this one,

The "Aw Crap I'm Falling Down The Stairs" Collab

LINK: http://rathercheesy.newgr ounds.com/news/post/87808

Join there. Details are there. Hope to see some new and exciting animators in the next collab!

There is also a thread on SPP for this so its not just Newgrounds.

EDIT: The Co-authors of this collab needs to PM me so I can give them credit in the author section and not just in this post... So If you were a part of this collab please PM me and tell me who you are on stickpage, and some proof that you are them would be nice to. Thanks!

Hey, this collab was started on stickpageportal and its ended up here as well. I am not the only one responsible for its creation so heres a list of everyone who has worked on it.

Rather Cheesy
Skeleton Dude

Please do not credit only me for this. The other animators deserve the credit. [I did some work, I was the collab director and submitted an entry myself]

Thanks guys!

Voteing 5 on my animations is widely believed to be good for your heart and increase you life by a month every time you vote 5! So vote 5 for your own health! ^_^

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Aw crap! I'm falling down a hill.


Very awesome.

Ilike it

this is like the third time I watched it. I think raffeh's and aklemo's were the best. 8.

awsome but...

i had a little more to my animation, did you just remove it or did i give you the wronge file?

RatherCheesy responds:

This was the only file I received, perhaps you added more later after you submitted it?

Still your entry fits almost perfectly with the music!


Omg, this is just amazing.

5. 8.