Bob-Omb Legend 1(Remake)

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An old and long legend was passed for many years from the mouths of the ancient Bob-Omb elders. The legend speaks of a young Bob-Omb named Bombo who starts a journey to save the love of his life, Bombann. This is the first episode.
*This is a remake, since the other one was pretty bad we re did it. Hope it's better and it comes to your liking.
Artist-Fuzy Wuzy
Animator/Script Writter-Ice Burns


I know that music!

That is used in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, maybe it was used somewhere else but I know it was from there.


I like the OoT music put in, some of the animation was crappy, for example, the rock kicked at the cactus. I don't think that the cactus would fly that far away. Try and work on the animation and maybe some drawing.

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Nah... It´s very... veeery... cra... interesting...
Hm... I see that this is yours 1. or 2. try... But... seriously... Try harder next time.

My review:
- Not smooth animation, please use motion tweens next time...
- Bad timing... Please use button(s) next time...
- Graphics... Try harder next time here...
+ Hmm... Interesting idea... You can make a RPG :)...
+ Hmm... Good... end...? If we don´t count the timing...

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For future references, it's BOB-omb

Pretty Darn good

That was a good flash.
Yay for OoT Music (Desert stealy people, women, cant rember theyre names.
Yay for TacoCactus

rafico responds:

Haha thanks. Mr. Cactus Taco thanks you. Xd

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2.11 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2008
1:43 PM EST
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