The New Dawn: Prologue SE

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I recently submitted the first version, but it had some major bugs in it, so I decided to submit it again. I have also added a survival mode for those who like instant action :).

You can also toggle the quality by pressing 'q'! Don't be afraid of using it because this game might be very laggy.


Sooo much bugs.

Impossible to beat, and very buggy. Why did you submit it without the problems solved? You could have scored much higher. There are so much things that you need to fix.
1- You can't punch. Fix the punches!
2- Put more ammo. It's impossible to kill all of them with 12 bullets!
3- When i shot a zombie, he didn't die, but stopped, i mean he freezed suddenly!
4- Zombies do so much damage. Decrease the damage they make, or decrease the number of zombies, or add so much more healthpacks.
5- In the "you are dead" screen, when i click the cross, it jumps to the menu and the "you are dead" scrren again!
I gurantee, however, if you fix these, this game would rock!

Very buggy.

I can't even get the first key because this game's so buggy. Zombies can walk through walls, there's barely any ammunition, you can't punch. When there's 6 or 7 enemies and they all do ten damage, you're dead in a couple of seconds. It seems like it could be a good game, but you really need to work out the kinks. Also, I died while shooting and the noise repeated itself. I had to close the game.

good game and all

its a great game but i found a weird glitch when you die first and click the little white "X" in the game it flickers back and forth between te menu and the try again page
when you start over he keeps shooting once the history page thingie pops out and when you see the char hes holding the gun still the cross hairs flicker on all styles
plus all the zombies are dead when i open the doors
just letting you know so you can take a look at it cause i love zombie games whatever they may be about keep up the good work dont take it personal its just something that i found out and shared

Has potential, looking forward to more.

My only real gripes are that it was too short (Can't imagine why, being a preview and all... :P ) and that there was no way to melee...Not that that's a bright idea, given you seem to have infinite ammo if you remember to reload, but it's nice to have the option anyway, for psychos who wanna kung-fu a corpse or something. (Like me!)

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Not bad, but you've should clean up those major bugs before you post this game. And polish it, also. Why post product who just isn't 'It' yet? Anyway, I found one bug, at the beginning - I couldn't punch anything, at least when moving (didn't tried to punch zombies when standing still). Also, it seems that it is pretty linear for now - kill them all or run away. I hope that there will be options to solve problems and survive in different ways.. some more interaction with surroundings would prove useful too. Don't take me wrong, I know that things like these are hard to do, or at least - very time consuming. And I can tell that what you have now, just without bugs, will be very nice game. But you could improve it, so it will be great, epic even, game. Choice is yours.

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3.40 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2008
12:49 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun