Fantastic Treasures

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Collect treasures in the deep sea and bring them to your mother ship. Refuel or repair your submarine and if you have enough money you can also buy upgrades for your submarine in the base. Collect letters and create word BONUS and you will gain some extra cash.

ARROW KEYS - control your submarine.
SPACBAR - launch the torpedos (you must buy them fist).

Have fun!

EDIT: Guys, thank you very much for awesome score and for your reviews :) Much appreciated!
also, I forgot to add - if your submarine is destroyed, clicking Continue does not mean that you have to start again, only your score resets and you lose one half of your money. You DO NOT lose equipment you already purchased.



Well l just knew you will have a blue score so good job

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this game totally desrves 5/5 and 10/10!!!

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reminds me of motherload, the game where you are a miner on mars or something. one of the things i didnt like is how i couldnt find treasure right away at the start of the game, and my sub just seemed insufficient to go deep enough to get it. also, i beleive that it would be more fun if the only thing that hurt you was the creatures and the vents and stuff, and that running into the reef shouldnt do any damage. thats just me, anyways you made a great game and this should be on the front page tomorrow.

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Quite cool game

As I stated above,I remember there was another one,similar.But this is waaay better.Gonna make second part perhaps?Or anything of such style.


My only problem was how the tresures were on top of the damaging surfaces, meaning whenever I go down to get some cash, I hurt myself. Other than that, firstpage worthy game!

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2008
2:07 PM EST
Adventure - Other
  • Daily 4th Place February 23, 2008