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Ascendant: Storm 1.2

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Author Comments

Take control of a party of scavengers in a rich sci-fi world. Choose your party members carefully for the skills at hand - explore a world full of riches and dangers. The more you scavenge - the more your authority grows allowing you to hire better adventurers - and opening the way to richer jobs and rare treasures.

How long will it take you to reach the rank of Isis Titan?

Tips: Open the Instructions in a second Flash window.

Version 1.2:
* Instructions - 9 page manual.
* Rank - Measure your success.
* Best Buys - Best prices are given yellow highlight to help trading.

Version 1.1:
* Save Game feature in towns.
* Stricter rations check when travelling long distances

NB: Thanks for the reviews - next update will include:
* Party Stats

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....you added a save feature. Now I can play till my hearts content. And there are more improvements coming. Sweet. You've crafted quite an engaging game here.

nice set-up,

oaky, no idea what is going on, and nothing seemed to happen, and the fact taht I couldn't even fight anything at first? ridiculous.

c3d responds:

This is mainly a scavenging game - you will have to fight now and then, but it is not the main point.

Great potential ^_^

Loving the game, though wish there where descriptions for the classes.

I'd love to know what class actually does what,

Assuming that porter type [Blue icon] Is for ration preserving as is the cook.
Nurse is for faster health recovery
Harlequin for faster Morale recovery.
And scholars/mechanists the moneymakers, depending on which you prefer.
Also, to clear up potential confusion Mechanist = greaser [or so i think, as i find more mechanical parts with them]

Also, it would be great if the experience gain system was somewhat clearer.
There are occasions where doing actions give you nothing, and yet suddenly when you visit a town you've been to hundred times before. you rank up with an authority boost for no apparent reason.

The backgrounds are well done, and i find no issue with the lack of music, allows m w to play my own XD

It would be nice if there where estimates on the money earned in towns for specific jobs/ given party setup.

The fighting system was simple, but good.
Though really suggesting more information on stats, i had no idea what the next roll would be and no real way to tell. Increasing Sword icon units didn't really seem to do all that much.

As sidenote, the prices of recruit-able units confused me sometimes, there is nearly no consistency.
Also lack of distinction in effects of more expensive units, they seem very much thesame as the cheap brand.
Food aswell, same effects regardless of what you seem to buy, and i've jet to find what UAC means ^_^ [Although the batch system was genius]

The map is very well incorporated and feels like just the right size, if it was bigger there would be too much to keep up with. If smaller then remembering what each location gave would be too easy. Great use of icons, although a little more pizzaz never hurt.

[And regardless of what anyone says, screw the sound file, would just take up precious space usable to make this game better, which i hope will be done ^^

Kudos to a potential masterpiece game ^_^

c3d responds:

Classes are as you have them - but Porters and Quartermasters let you carry more loot.
Experience (Authority) is given when you sell scavenged items - better prices give better results.
The numbers in fighting (in brackets) give your current fighting power - based on your fighting power and current strength. This party power / (party power + enemy power) is your chance of winning the round.
UAC - Universal Ammo Clip. If you find some while scavenging it will tell you this :)


Good game, man!
Love the way the game goes...

Need to add :
- Song/Music, so ppl wont get bored to dead...
- More option to fight

Suggestion :
How bout u make a "campaign" war game? U'll the over a region, forming an allies, making a war, handing ur princess to a marriage & more! :)

c3d responds:

I plan to add some tactics to the fighting - while keeping it fast and non-intrusive to the rest of the game.


i din't liked it. in fackt it tough this is boring

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2008
5:05 AM EST