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Escape from the Gallery

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This is my third escape the room game. The inventory system is slightly different (and better) -- once you collect an object you just need to doubleclick on its background in the inventory to get more information. This game is based on several well-known works of contemporary art.

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i put forth my urinal for you to marvel at.

thank you for exposing the malleable gamer youth to the irony that is modern art.


This was really tough and the last thing I expected was Jello San Fran.
That Suction Cup is pretty hard to find in the TV's, but this game was still pretty inventive and I like it for that.


very hard but lots of fun and clicking XD


I drew a door, I cut a circle in the glass, drained the water, all that good stuff. Now I am left with a remote and a dental pick and I can't seem to do anything, the tab key doesn't show anything I haven't clicked on (although there are things to do that the tab key doesn't show, I used it anyway) and I can't seem to find anything left to do. Except grab that key and leave...somehow; I know there can't be anymore items other than the key because there is only one unused or previously unused spot in the inventory. Is it not finished or something? Or do I just need help?

u need

u need to have a simbol wen u click on stuff so u can no if u got it or not