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Windows Ties

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Author Comments

This is a Windows XP game, it's called Windows Ties because 'Ties' is my name.

Here is a list with everything that you can do:

- Word
- Paint
- Videos
- Shooting game
- Internet
- Pictures
- Windows dress-up
- Music
- Note
- Settings
- Secret button
- Msn Messenger

Have fun, TieSeiT

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Not exactly the most chock full of features, but everything that is here is pretty well executed! I love it!

it still works too!

good game

01:40 - Worsty2 says: Hi!
01:40 - CPU says: Hi, Worsty2.
01:41 - Worsty2 says: How are you doing?
01:41 - CPU says: What do you mean with: 'How are you doing?'?
01:41 - Worsty2 says: How your feeling now?
01:41 - CPU says: Yeah, right.
01:41 - Worsty2 says: I wanted to say something
01:41 - CPU says: Do you know the date?
01:41 - Worsty2 says: Yeah its 03/07/2020
01:41 - CPU says: It's Friday, 3 July 2020, I think.
01:41 - Worsty2 says: Your right.
01:41 - CPU says: Sure.
01:42 - Worsty2 says: Also is thies cool?
01:42 - CPU says: Worsty2, you've clicked 15 times and pressed 214 keys.
01:42 - Worsty2 says: Woah thats alot.
01:42 - CPU says: What do you mean with: 'Woah thats alot.'?
01:42 - Worsty2 says: How many times ive wasted your time.
01:42 - CPU says: Yeah, right.

it's cuz you dont have flash player you need to download it.