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LRU 2: Domination

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Author Comments

*Added resurrection graphics
*It Autosaves you game

Lethal Rpg returns once again for an epic adventure. This is the biggest project to be released by me so far, with 3 worlds to explore, a main quest to complete, side missions, tournaments, and a completely new mode: domination ( a remake of the style of game from the conquorer series). There are a nice variety of spells to learn including 3 transformations, some harder to get than others.

I suggest starting on planet vergilius and following the main quest. Vergilius is when the majority of the game takes place.

*Instructions: To move use arrow keys. To start and use the hitbar press up on the arrow keys.

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Only rating 0 stars because there's another, more up to date version of this: "LRU 2: Resurrection"

It overall has a lot more neat stuff, including being able to play as Lethal from the start and an updated nav menu, so play that version instead.

Not bad...

The music seems WELL over-the-top, this sadly remained true in other LRU's, and i find it more of a act of desperation, more of an attempt to make it good, as it ruins the feel of the RPG, however, i am pleased to say that the battle system here is actually quite good, but i cannot get away from the ridiculous graphics, they look as if they came out of a poorly drawn universe, the except for the face...which sort of make me feel that the authors were inspired by adventure quest.

I recommend the authors finds someone else for the graphics if/when they get the chance. 4/10


I give this game a 10 from the music to the gore XD

Its just Not... Good.

I feel the same as KrustyHusky. I grow bored fast. The art work was not the best. I'm giving 1 star for making it and another to be nice. I'm sorry. :(


Sorry but this game is boring as hell. The graphics are always the same, the fighting looks extraordinarily lame and the music just sucks.
What's up with the random fighting by the way ? It just takes forever to get anywhere.