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Free Rider 2

rated 4.38 / 5 stars
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Feb 8, 2008 | 4:12 PM EST

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Author Comments

Draw your own track and ride it!
Menus on both sides, with new stuff, controls in the lower right corner in-game.

Updates from Free Rider (1)
-Draw Scenery
-Draw Curves
-Lots of new Vehicles.
-And more.

Accelerate = UP
Brake = DOWN
Lean Left = LEFT
Lean Right = RIGHT
Turn Around = Z
Restart = ENTER

Good luck!

All reviews will be responded to.
(but not anymore, thanks to figikii)

Hey, i see the score has gone up 1.8 points!!!!!




Rated 5 / 5 stars

a ninja warroir map sort of

u must complete it on either a bmx or mountain bike
there are 7 thigs to do....
first on the ramp u can either do a front flip or move on to the
spike of doom..cross it togo to the
falling stairs.. here u must do a backflip if u did not do the frontflip at the ramp
next to the spiked area... cross it to go to the
mini mountain..... go up and over it to get to the
earthqauke place..... cross the series of platforms to get to the
final hallway.... u must do it urself to find out

i completed it on both bikes folowing the rules up above

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1j kh 1o,kh 1n nq 12 nq 1r kh 1r,no 1q or 20 rl 1r,ro 1q vt 1v 144 20 148 1m 14l 1m 14l 1r,14l 1o 14l 19 14o 1e,14o 1b 151 1j,153 1h 182 1h,183 1h 1g2 19,17p -27 1hf -3p,1g0 19 1gf 19 1gf 1n 1gm 1n 1gp 1t 1h6 1t 1h6 22 1hd 22 1hf 2c 1hv 2h 1i3 2q 1qc 3h,1qc 3g 1tq 3j 213 3r,215 3l 211 3o,213 3l 218 3g 21f 3g 21f 3m 21s 3m 21u 3j 21v 3g 226 3o 22d 3l 229 3g 22g 3l 22l 3h 22o 3q 231 3g 232 3q 23c 3g 23g 3r 23r 3g 23r 3v 247 3h 249 42,247 3v 279 49 29k 3r 2a2 34 2ah 4a 2cl 4c,2ck 4b 2cp 4b 2ep 4b 2f0 4b,2g1 4b 2gp 4c,2ev 4b 2f1 5r 2f7 5m 2fc 5p 2fe 5f 2fl 5r 2g2 4c,2go 4e 2go 65 2h8 65 2hd 5t,2ha 5t 2ha 5f,2hc 5e 2hi 5e 2ia 5e 2ia 62,2ib 5u 2iv 62 2iv 57 2k1 57 2jt 5t 2l0 5u 2lc 4m 2le 3o,2le 3n 2ot 5k,2k4 60 2le 3n,2ot 5l 2qe 70 30e 75,2q1 9 3a1 d 3bb au 3at ak,30e 74 34u 7d 35o 6l 39g 6l 3aq aj##T 38u 68,T 38m 62,T 388 5u,T 37t 65,T 37a 62,T 36h 5r,T 36t 63,T 35v 63


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this one fun lol

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1i 23 2b 34 34 4g 43 5s 54 7a 69 8q 7h ab 8q bt a6 dh bi f5 d0 gd e3 hl f7 it gb k6 he lf ii mp jn o4 kr pe lv qp n3 s5 o7 th pa ut qe 109 rh 11l sl 132 to 14e ur 15r vv 177 111 18k 123 1a2 135 1bf 144 1ct 153 1eb 161 1fp 16t 1h8 17p 1il 18j 1k3 19b 1lu 1a9 1no 1b1 1pf 1bj 1r1 1br 1s9 1bq 1ti 1bk 1uh 1b9 1vd 1ao 207 19s 20v 18v,1sl 1bo 2nr 1bk,216 1bi 21u 197 22q 1c9,22n 1bu 23b 197 249 1c3,24c 1bu 266 186 26s 1bp,26u 1bk 27l 19f 28m 1bk 29t 197 2ai 1bl,2ai 1bi 2b5 19a 2bp 1bd,2bq 1bg 2c8 19k 2d2 1bf 2dr 19o,2dr 19m 2ek 1bf 2f2 19f 2g0 1bn,2g0 1bl 2gn 194 2h9 1b8 2hn 19a 2ih 1bp 2ir 19a 2jc 1bb 2kh 199,2kf 199 2kh 1bb 2lk 199 2m4 1bl 2ms 18t 2ne 1bi 30f 1bf 2vh 18f 2v9 1b7,2ne 1bi 2o4 197 2oe 1bp,2v7 1b0 2ug 180 2tt 1bc,2ts 1b7 2t3 18k,2t3 18i 2sn 1b0 2s8 18p 2rc 1bm,2ra 1at 2qp 186 2qe 1ba,2qc 1b7 2pm 18s 2p4 1bf,2ot 1b0 2on 18q,2on 18p 2oj 1c0,30i 1be 30e 10g 3fe 10g,3fe 10n 3fe 1ae 312 1be,3fb 10j 40r 1ao,40u 1ao 3ev 1ae,40l 1al 4k6 1ak,1lr 1a7 1q3 1bv,1o3 1b7 1rt 1bv,1pm 1bf 1to 1bs,1ou 1bf 1mb 1af,1t8 1bn 1vb 1av,1rr 1bn 1tr 1bf,1rr 1bq 1nu 1b7# evil kanevil stus


Rated 5 / 5 stars

super fun

lol press "B" to die lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars

my code!

-18 1i 18 1i,13 1h 2a 1m 3i 1p 4m 1l 5r 17 6u j 89 -6 9f -q ap -1g c5 -2a dl -38 f6 -46 gj -59 hi -6j hp -82 hl -9b h5 -aj,b2 -28n a6 -29d 96 -2a2 89 -2ak 6v -2bg 5k -2cg 49 -2dk 2u -2es 1f -2g7 -5 -2hk -1d -2in -2o -2jq -46 -2kt -5l -2m2 -75 -2n6 -8l -2oa -a5 -2pg -bl -2qi -d4 -2rb -es -2s4 -gi -2sp -i8 -2t8 -jp -2tg -l3 -2ti -me -2td -ns -2t0 -p5 -2sg -qh -2s0 -rv -2re -tg -2r1 -v3 -2qp -10m -2ql -12a -2qm -13v -2qs,-13v -2qq -13v -2pu -13v -2p2 -13v -2ob,-su -26t -ts -25v -v0 -24v -105 -245 -11g -23a -133 -22b -14o -21b -16g -209 -189 -1v5 -19l -1u9 -1b2 -1te -1cu -1sm -1er -1s4 -1gp -1rr -1im -1s3 -1kj -1sq -1mf -1tq -1nt -1ul -1pb -1vg -1qp -20b -1s7 -215 -1tn -21u -1v7 -22m -20n -23d -227 -245 -23n -24t -256 -25l -276 -25e -295 -24h -2aj -23l -2c1 -22o -2df -21q -2et -20r -2gb -1vr -2hp -1uu -2j7 -1u4 -2l4 -1t9 -2n0 -1sq -2on -1sv -2qb -1ti -2ru -1u8 -2ti -1uu -2v6 -1vl -30q -20d -32a -218 -33p -225 -356 -234 -36h -246 -37o -25a -38n -26e -39f -27d,-3ie -280 -3j1 -272 -3ju -263 -3l4 -25a -3ml -24m -3o6 -246 -3ps -23o -3rk -23c -3td -231,-3tu -1vv -3v9 -1vd -40m -1v0 -41t -1ul -43c -1ub -44m -1tu -463 -1td -47j -1sp -495 -1s3 -4ap -1rb -4cf -1qh -4dr -1po -4e0 -1om -4es -1nu -4fu -1nc -4h2 -1n0 -4i8 -1na -4is -1oh -4iv -1ps -4im -1r0 -4id -1s3 -4i5 -1t2,-4i7 -1t9 -4ht -1sk -4hf -1rm -4go -1qp -4fs -1q6 -4f1 -1pu -4e5 -1pu -4de -1q1,-lp -2nf -n6 -2lt -la -2kp -mp -2jm,-kr -2n2 -jq -2j8,-jq -2mh -jn -2l4 -ip -2lo -j8 -2n9 -k4 -2me,-i8 -2ne -gj -2ks -gh -2mr -g4 -2ku -fo -2nj##T -4hg -1sh,B -302 -210 9a,G -12n -2qg 5h,G ge -8v 4

this game is basically god


Rated 5 / 5 stars

try this

-18 1i 18 1i,18 31 9n 34,9h 70 2gh 6c,3g2 na 5gd nd,4qo na 527 k2 524 nd,5gb n9 7cg mu,639 n1 6ak iq 6l4 in,6l1 ik 7cf mr,7c9 mr 81o ml,7mi ml 8oq d0,8oe d0 9eh uu,9ek v1 c3c vd,c1v 1g7 f6h 1gl##