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The Cult Of Perfection

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This is a parody movie trailer I made up after watching the events of the Fox News Mass Effect Debate, the one in which Cooper Lawrence makes a complete fool of herself on telly, and a hoard of gamers destroy her book's reputation on Amazon with bad feedback.

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Al: asus has no worlds for this.

Revenge of gamers

Hell yeah! Some ideas deserve to be made into movies. Good drawing, good voicing. High five!


i'm tickled that im on the floor peeing myself lol funny stuff, good animation
you single?

Shepard and Saren

I was waiting for chuck norris as commander shepard.


hilarious make a longer one! wait? so cooper lawrence started making fun of mass effect and got annialted buy angry gamers priceles....I wish i could see the origional news report. Im so tired of stupid people attacking video games, movies, and art saying they are obscence, vulgar, or not apporopriate...Most of them have no idea what they are talking about. I remember back in the mid 2000s i think with the whole "hot coffe mod" for gta. People were freaking out about the fact that if you hacked an M rated game in which you kill, steal, maim, torture, insult, and many other fun thinggs already; you could make all the characters naked...In all their ps2 pixelated glory. what can say? people are stupid....good work dude you should make more.