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I made this tutorial in like nine hours, I hope you approve and just as a heads up I plan on making a character and weapon design tutorials later.
hope you learn something.

violence: blood part


Good Effects,

Great effects i'm using your fire tutorial the most though. But the sounds were soooo annoying! Lol anyway good work


good skills i think i may use them

The-Scourge responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you think so but this tutorial now that I look at it is out of date for me already, if you specifically have trouble with fire let me know.

god work

hey nice tutorial. very well done =D

Not a bad tut...

The blood tutorial was very informative, but every tutorial after it just seemed to have no real information to offer other then an example that some people might be able to recreate. A little more information is all thats missing for a ten.

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The-Scourge responds:

yes well orignally I had just planned to make the blood tutorial, but i decided to add everything else as just tips. I have a really bad computer thats crammed to the brim. I hope to get something more powerful later where i can make more indepth tutorials

Very helpful!

As someone who is thinking about getting into flash animation when school calms down, this was very helpful. Some of the most scary things in my mind in terms fo flash production have just been cleared up by this flash. You did a good job despite not getting everything you wanted to on it. (Quick side question though, some parts of your flash animation had white backgrounds and i couldn't see the words, or at least thats how they appeared on my screen. Is this my problem or yours, cause its happened on more than one flash, and if it is my computers prob, do u have any idea how to fix it?) Anyway, great flash tho, once i get into flash production i will definietly revisit it alot. Keep up the great work!

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The-Scourge responds:

thanks, and no I don't know whats with the white back ground, it has happened to me before on sepearate flashes I have viewed, except in those cases it just blanked out the whole screen.

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Feb 3, 2008
10:49 PM EST
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