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AoD: Survival

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Army of Destruction: Survival

How much can you resist?

This is a challenge edition of AOD. On this version we've included High Scores, and your goal is to resist the invasion as long as possible. Draw your weapons and get your name on the top scores!

Army of Destruction 2 is near to be released, stay tuned!

Some tips to get better score and survive more levels

TIP 1: When you kill an unit with a headshot you get double score and money.

TIP 2: Every Enemy has a weapon to defeat it: shotgun and pistol for kamikazes, rifle for bikers and cloack soldiers, rocket and laser for mech units.

TIP 3: When you have 2 energy cells, they take half of damage than a single cell.

TIP 4: Goliath's missiles can be shot on air.

TIP 5: Save money for tha last missions, don't buy everyting.

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Daaaaaammmmn, this is hard as fuck :( but is really good if you have more patience than me :D

This was fun but...

The enemy deals too much damage.
Cloak Soilder part is too hard.

Difficulty = Just Fine, But...

I geuss im just an expert at these kind of games but i didnt find the shotgun pistol challenge very difficult, i made it up to the cloak soldiers level before i GOT BORED instead; you need more weapons to unlock and have 2 weapons you unlock each time instead of 1, so players have a choice. Also, more a machine gun would be helpful, and possibly more vulnerablilities for the enemies, i want to use my shoty against cloakers, or the laser! Not getting only a rifle! Other then this, very fun game that i recommend for RTS players, and i hope you add some sort of buyable friendly units; it feels like its only me defending. Fix these, and i hope you create a sequal.


As so many before me have said before me have said, far too hard! Seriously, this is one of those few survival shooting flash games in which the game actually gets easier the longer you last, instead of the other way (you have to survive all the whole pistol and headshot hell before you can actually have your shotgun with so few bullets that don't even last one level).
Also, thanks for at least adding the chance to have headshots. Unfortunately for all of us players, all of the enemies can either run like Hell, or they constantly dodge them.
The two best things of this game are the awesome intel officer in the green suit and simply the fact that this is probably one the most realistic sci-fi survival shooters: for actually how long do you think one man with a pistol, shotgun and a small array of weapons and bullets can stand against an army of aliens? If your objective was trying to make one of the hardest flash shooters with the highest and one of the most intelligent enemy AI's starting from the first level, you have succeeded perfectly...

not that good

too hard i mean a few hits and the base collapse.
i only killed about 30 soldiers.