Winged Bullet

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A bullet with wings travels much farther than one without. Fly through the cave collecting the energy of its inhabitants to power your wings!

Click to open your wings and move up. Release to close them and move down. Avoid running into the ceiling or floor. Run into flowers, bugs, and jellyfish to replenish the energy in your wings or you will begin to lose lift!

This is a classic game style that I really wanted to bring polish to and expand on. I hope you enjoy it.

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Awww....2250 then bust, a verrry narrow gap took me out, there seems to be a lot of them, and somehow your wings kill you when they get close.


Nice i found it was really good, the graphics were really quite good and the sound was calming and nice. There is much i could quarrel with, but maybe you could have made an adjustable difficultly or made the wing flap when you hold the button down, instead of the wing just holding one postion. Other than that it was a great game.


not original but cool anyways

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...I hate dying

The game could be very addictive if dying would not be so frequent. When you know that just scraping a wall will kill you, you tend not to try anything even a bit dangerous looking, you just collect what is right in front of your face. Try making it so that hiting a wall doesn't kill you, but just takes away a set amount of energy. The amount could be parallel with the directness of the hit. Like if you hit a wall head on, you loose more than you would if you just scraped it.
Making new types of walls, other than just dots, would spice it up a bit.
More types of pickups of cours. The middle track feels kind of empty, so you just stick on the bottom, ignoring most of the spiders (again, too dangerous to try fast swoops at the ceiling).
The music is just right for the game.

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Simple game that looks great

I loved playing this, as a nice, relaxing way to pass the time. The speed was a bit too slow to pose much of a challenge, especially since you had nothing to go against other than your personal best and sinc there didn't seem to be a gauge for how much energy you had, hitting the power ups were more of an amusement than anything else. Great work though

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3.90 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2008
8:38 PM EST
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