The Fear Hole 6 - Part II

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The "thrilling" conclusion to what is thus far the most unpopular Fear Hole adventure, a product of monumental procrastination that I originally intended as a Halloween episode. It will make ZERO sense if you haven't seen part one and have a general idea of what the series is about. Otherwise, it will make just slightly more than zero sense because my editing is probably a mess.

It's also not a very funny one, so you should watch the older episodes anyway!

Whether you enjoy or detest it, be sure to let me know what's really important:

...Favorite monster(s)?

Because I took the time to draw the bastards, I came up with idiotic names and stories for all 61 monsters that appear in this cartoon, which you can peruse at my site! Just visit bogleech.com , click cartoons, and you'll find the monster credits by this episode's description!


First Time Watching

The clip was a bit odd, but that was the expected effect. However, the fear hole does not look scary or "fearing." I think I can look better if the vortex is like the Diablo 2's Gate of Hell or the whalling wall from the Simpsons (Treehouse of Horror XII) because I feel that I (like in Doom 3) to go into the portal and kill some monsters. To truly be a fear hole, there should be a lack of desire of entering it.

Fear is based on 4 items I can currently think of. They mess with 3 of them.

Physical: ex. Resident Evil; Mostly pain and death
Mental: ex. Silent Hill; Is this real or not; evil or not
Spiritual: ex. Exocist; control

with duration (time) ex SAW series. This is why people remove their eyebrows (pain) without too much though because of the small of pain. However, if it lasted for all eternity, they would think twice about it.

On the lighter side, I noticed most of "humaniods" have addons or upgrades like saws and other werid items. I think, unless Sailor Jupiter(the girl at the very end) is from the Fear Hole not one of the Professor Scarecrow's people, she used to be normal but the professor has installed a very bad voicebox filter in her throat, two types of contacts in her eyes, and plastic vampire teeth from those $1 toy vending machines. I am sure if those were removed, she would ok.

Scythemantis responds:

All the "weird" humans are mad scientists, and "Igor" just happens to have the body of an anime girl for no logical reason.

The Fear Hole is so named because the universe and monsters inside were created from human fears and nightmares, but that doesn't necessarily make them terrifying. A lot of them are just incompetent :)

Love it!!!

Love it i don't understand how its ur worst one i thought it was one of the best and i as well love the colon and think he should be more apart of the show he's hilarious. Keep up the good work and give me MORE MORE!!!!

Good production

It would have better effect with some more experienced voice acting and some higher quality sound and music.

Awesome! Total A+ Material!

One of your best ones yet! I loved it! I don't see why people didn't like it, but you can't please everyone! At least, not without some sort of mind-altering substances.


Brilliant comedy A+, Never stop making them!

Side note: Does anyone else find weaponary secksy?

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Jan 18, 2008
7:42 PM EST
Comedy - Original