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Beta Vulgaris

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You know, for kids.

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Very Interesting

Awesome retake on Simon.

Hudsucker Proxy

I dug the reference to the FANTASTIC movie.

Loved it

Though man i got my ass handed to me quite often. i loved the parts that messed you up like being slapped and the little stereo. i will definitely spend some time on this


what a great game!

Axolotl's BGU

Good -- This is a totally batshit awesome clever complicated challenging version of Simon. Where Simon is boring, this has variety. Where Simon has flashing colored lights with different tones, well, this has colored foods with different tones, but instead of your hand you get a bizarre-looking creature, and instead of a microchip, your nemesis is also a bizarre character with funny expressions who does all kinds of crap to screw with you.

Bad -- It gets hard FAST, but that's the ONLY bad thing about it. Also, it would suck if you're tone deaf or color blind.

Ugly -- The only ugly thing about this is gonna be the reviews from people who can't figure it out. Not that I did either, but I got far enough to see this is a masterpiece.

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2008
11:30 PM EST