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World of Lolcraft

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Author Comments

This is my first flash submission on Newgrounds, as well as my first complete flash movie.
Please do criticize, and let me know the things I need to fix and the things I need to learn to make better flash movies in the future!

01-15-08: I fixed the time line problems that were causing the huge delays between scenes.

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Better than number 2

I actually found it funny and for some reason on the first you used better animation.. But once again I think that WoW is compleatly equal and that just more people who know how to play PvP happen to join Hoarde and the opposite for Alliance.. So yeah people who play alliance should shut the fuck up once in a while.

DahcYeliab responds:

I still believe in the theory that all the 11 year olds joined WoW and made Night Elf hunters so they could be Legolas. But I also hold a lot more respect for Alliance at 70 because those are the players who deserve what they have.
I am only ridiculing the part of the Alliance I hate-- the stupid part. The Horde has one as well, but I haven't experienced it as well as the Alliance.


Was that God talking to him about WoW?

I played a lot of WoW but this didn't resonate with me too much. The animation was pretty good, so I think the plot/story is the main part that could be improved.

DahcYeliab responds:

Absolutely. It was pretty much just for shits & giggles. Thanks for review.

shup da woop?



DahcYeliab responds:

Watch it again with sound. O.o

It's okay.

Not really very entertaining to me, it didn't contain many jokes, and it was silent way too much of the time. The Animation was okay, but it was just too lacking in actual content.

Also, it doesn't make much sense to say the Horde is PvP based and the allies are PvE for two reasons:
A) Horde have pallies now. that was the only reason horde had PvE problems.
B) If Allies don't PvP, how can the Horde be PvP based?

DahcYeliab responds:

I didn't say Allies don't PvP, lol.
When I used to play retail Alliance would always come into the Battle Grounds with the latest gear. So I went and assumed that me and my Horde friends with PvP gear were complete opposites to them.

i pooped

omg that was funny! Automatic 10 because you literally made me poop in my pants

DahcYeliab responds:

Thanks. =D

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2008
12:39 AM EST