Mystic Circle

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Magic Mirror is the first chapter in the Mystic Circle series. Your goal is to find the seven pieces of the broken Magic Mirror lost on the mystic island by completing various missions in eleven challenging settings.
General Release Version 1.06
Movement - WASD, Arrow Keys or Mouse Click
Jump - X, K
Attack - Z, J
Continued Attack - Press down Z or J without releasing
Open the safebox - Space
Skilled Attack - C, L
Use tools - 1, 2, 3
Use skills - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Missions - Q
Character - E
Tools - R
Main Menu - M
Map - T
Hide/Show Shortcut Bar - Ctrl

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While I'm not a fan of RPGs, this really was quite good. I thought it was great to see these graphics. You seemed to have fairly good mobility too. Everyone seems to have a unique design. It does take awhile to truly get into the game. I thought the music was fairly good.

The colors work quite well. I do wish it would move faster. It's not that good for me to get really involved in. I could certainly see why other people would like it. You deserve your Daily...2nd Place.

not bad but not good either

There are alot of bugs and unfinshed things in this game. You can be in the on the flatest most barren area and still end up hitting invisible spots that will stop you and is a real pain and it usually ends up with you dying if you are fighting monsters. Then theres the thing when the monster dies it can still hurt you I even had where they were gone not even on the screen anymore and they are still hitting me. There are all kinds of weapons to buy for the assasin but only TWO SETS of armor to buy for her and once you get to the vampire bats and the lake it would of been nice to be able to have some armor to protect yourself instead of losing a hundred and some hit points from them even when you are at level 43 like I am. The make your own weapons seems stupid to use when all the weapons you make are of the weapons that you no longer use because they are all weaker then what you have. The run button option is nice but not the having to hit it every time you return to the town because it just becomes annoying and you find yourself hitting the u button instead of pushing it. I like the safe for storing items and money I stopped selling my gems because the goddess was taking the money when I died so I just let them build up and sold them when I wanted to and threw all the money into the chest. The repair a weapon option is really pointless when you can buy the same thing brand new and spend less money buying it. Like I had the one spear that cost 500 bucks but it would of cost me almost the same if not more to repair it and it only had 40 point off of it when I was going to repair it so I just buy the stuff new. Oh and if you are only going to have two sets of armor for the assasin maybe you should set it up to where your defense goes up with each of your leveling up. Also at times when your are attacking a monster you can hear the attack but no weapons come out and no monsters getting hit. This could probably be a really good game if it was tweaked and more armors added till then I probably am done playing it because it is annoying when you are 20 levels above the monsters and they are still taking 90 to 100 or so hit points from you and if you do make it by the dragon everthing that you beat before is now even stronger and you can't even kill the weakest ones with one hit anymore.


its a good game but it seems unfinishd you have slats for belts and rings and such but i have fawnd nathing but wep, bo arm, sheld, it wood be 10 if finishd.

Really, really fun!

This game takes many good ideas, and puts them all together into a very fun RPG. I would've liked to be able to edit my stats a lot more, and there were a couple confusing parts. But overall, it's really fun, and I'll definitely keep playing it! Good work!

not a game to recomend

you die too fast and the levels take forever!!!it sould be more exciting more action.the items are too expensive and when you do you lose some merchandise?

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3.57 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2008
10:59 PM EST
Adventure - RPG