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Random Insults 3

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small filesize,preloader,comedy , and this one isnt all crappy graphics like my last ones! what doesnt this flash have! i learned how to use buttons now. near the end you will find that out. please leave a review. it might look like spam at first but its not. i hope you like it.

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only this time, when FMlilgarfield watches this...

Random Insults face, microsoft sam: " Killed yo ugly lookin' ass self"

"Shoot the Hoebag" button pops up. FMlilgarfield clicks...

FMlilgarfield:" Nah Fool! I Killed yo' motherfuckin' ugly looking ass self! >:)"

now to review this...

The Insults was funny as hell in this one, alot of ass pawning witt >:)

The Face was well drawen with the radient tones.

D12 at the end, was sweet.

Review conculded :)

nggangsterpimp responds:

yes the face is alot better than all the rest, and these insults were alot more inteligent than my last insults ever were. haha yeah u killed his ugly looking ass. literally. lmao. yea man D12 is fucking awesome. :D thnx for the review.


This the best out of all your flashes combined.(which is saying something cuz most your others flashes suck. Heres an idea nick. For your next random insult use a computer for the dude instead of a smiley face. makes more sense. :l

nggangsterpimp responds:

hmm,... i guess i could think about that! nice idea! >:)


did u say u tupac looking ass self?

nggangsterpimp responds:

yeah. ....... :I


How do you kill him ? :) , the jokes where good , but the one with your momma dives in a dumster was the best , haha. this one was still good. But you can do bether ;) , keep on working ! , your getting bether and bether at animating. You should maybe try to make a backround and add make a little video, like he tells other smiles things, haha. And they get mad at him for swearing !

nggangsterpimp responds:

to shoot him you click the shoot the hoebag! text. your right though. the 2nd one was allot better. thanks :)

didn't promise anything, didn't deliver anything.

Ok, using Microsoft Sam to churn out dumb insults just isn't funny. You can really tell that you're 14 from these submissions. I'd suggest creating something more mature and intelligent.

nggangsterpimp responds:

well ill keep your tips in mind. :I