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FATAL Error -1

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Author Comments

"Fatal error epidsode 1" is my frist real flash movie, I hope you like it because I am still learning flash and hope to make more in the Fatal error series.

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The end was good but the rest was terrible.

It started out very slow-paced and it was very boring and it just seemed completely pointless, something(I think it was supposed to be an alien spaceship) crashed into a satellite and it started firng missiles at some American cities, you did this scene far too slow and it really was just dull and boring due to how slow paced it was.

Then you went to Pittsburg and showed the guy in his car who you saw earlier and you saw the city blow up and him survive, by this point it still seemed completely random, pointless and alcking in story.

Then two years later an alien spaceship turns up on the planet and blows up some random building, again a compelte lack of any story or point.

But right at the end you had something that was actually good, the guy raised his hand and swore revenge, this part was nicely done as throughout the movie you only ever saw his hand and you did the same thing here, but you managed to create an atmosphere that something interesting was going to happen and it's got me expecting the next episode to be worth watching.

Overall this movie was terrible as it just seemed to be completely random and there didn't seem to be any story whatsoever to it, it was very slow paced and that just let the movuie down even more, there was one good part at the very end though. When you had the scenes on earth you had a white background and it looked really poor, you should have had an actual background so that it didn't look so bad. You also should have used a different piece of music, as the one you used didn't fit in with the movie at all, you also needed sound effects as it seemed really odd there not being any at certain times such as when the missiles were fired and blew things up. You also should have added some story into this as it was much needed to make the movie worth watching as pretty much everything you had here was boring due to the lack of it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Yeah, sure, why not

For a first time, it's pretty good... Better then some of the shit i've made after being up for 17 hours. :P

I just laughed...

...the whole time while watching this thing. Excellent work DANTO

Man that reaked!

That sucked so bad. I don't understand the purpose of this movie. First of all, Vietnam is such a poor contry they can't afford a satelite. How does a satelite shooting missiles at places change to a guys house exploding? How about you do the world a favor and quite while your ahead. If Andy Danto respones it won't matter to me cause I won't watch any of this crap again.

i have no testicles

all that is needed to be said is that this movie eats out my anus(i put 1 humor because they shot mexico)

Akd85 responds:

no testicles?????
I knew that.
and you have no anus

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2000
6:43 PM EDT