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Goblin Defence

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A small city has been living peacefully for years become content, slowly the defences have been relaxed to only a handful of guards. You as the captain recieve horrifc news of a vast army of goblins heading towards the city. Surely if they get through the city gate all is lost!

This is an attempt at a different type of defence game, from the side view. This is my first attempt at a game so be kind :(

Game Attributes:
3 levels of difficulty
10 waves on enemies
Enemies include, golbin runner, goblin soldierm goblin archer, battle orge and catapult.

Good luck and happy goblin shooting.



kinda fun, but boring. needs upgrades or something.

Good first attempt

For your first game, this is quite good. The graphics are good, however I reccomend you change the background a bit because the arrows are kind of hard to see. Some things I should mention:

-A major city like this wouldn't only be defended by 3 archers against hundreds upon thousands of enemies. We should be able to buy more archers, as this game quickly tires after level 1.

-Let us buy 3 types of arrows:
*Poison arrows that damage enemies over time
*Fire arrows which do more damage and stay in the ground for a little while after, and damage enemies who walk over it
*Triple shot arrow for each archer, meaning that if you have 3 archers you fire 9 shots, etc.

-In addition to archers, we should be able to send out some troops of our own to fight. Letting us put trebuchets on the walls would be quite cool as well.

-Let us have some sort of special magic abilities.

Please make a sequel, this game could be a lot better with more work. Since this is your first time I will award it a 6/10.

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Talk about syncrinized shooting! Great game.

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Nice graphics

Shame about everything else.

The enemies look good, and are really nicely animated. But the praise ends there. As has already been pointed out, this "game" requires no skill or strategy, and you can win by simply holding down spacebar.

No Upgrades. No progression. Not much to it at all.

But nice graphics..

ffgameplayer responds:

Have you tried playing Goblin Defense 2 ? I tried to incorporate those ideas there.

ive had a few

by far the best drunk game ever, all you have to do is hold the space bar...not thought required! whoo...fyi if i hadnt had a few you wouldnt have got this many stars

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3.30 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2008
6:45 PM EST
Action - Other