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Doctor Who: The Season 2

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It took me 16 and a quarter hours to watch the entire second season of Doctor Who so to save you the time I have compiled all the major points of the season into this 3 minute flash which uses audio from the series.

It probably doesn't make any sense without having watched the actual second season though...

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that does it. Imma marry yew aftur Novembur.

Sticky responds:

I am too much of an eager beaver to wait that long.


I didnt get most of it,but its probobly cos its the old Doctor Who.Keep Em Coming

Sticky responds:

Probably. If you ever watch those old episodes I referenced though you'll probably realise I haven't altered much to what is in the episode.


Wierd but i like it :)

Sticky responds:

You would.

Just as good as Season One

I agree, how could anyone not have heard of Doctor Who? Ouch.

It's amazing how the Doctor consistently abuses Chesterton and he keeps hanging around for more. (He does tend to do that a lot more with the male companions, doesn't he? At least the early Doctor didn't have the crazy romantic tension of the new episodes.) I am going to have to get my hands on Season Two and watch it again; I had forgotten there was so much classic Dalek stuff so early. (When did they switch from ANNIHILATE to EXTERMINATE?)

Good animation, good subtitles (very helpful for some of the scratchier episodes), good plot summaries of a classic show and a classic character. Well done.

Sticky responds:

Everyone knows TARDIS is the gallifreyian word for pimpmobile.

And the daleks seemed to say an equal mix of ANNIHILATE and EXTERMINATE in these early episodes. The exterminate phrase hasn't really been set this early in the series.

I'm glad episode two hasn't disappointed.


I love you.

Sticky responds:


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Jan 3, 2008
4:44 PM EST