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BEEBO Part 3

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Here it is, Beebo part 3, woosh!


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Ending text: See part 1 for details.
Episode one: Beepo's owner said to him: "Next time I catch you (smoking), I'll shoot you in the face."
I liked that he spent 10 minutes boiling water. I didn't like though the lack of screen-time from Beepo. I only watched this series in the first place because I like how he meows.

Haha nice

I remember beebo from back in the day these were so funny and still stand up today so nice job here wish you would or could make some more of these would be a nice addition to the series and the grounds anyways great stuff here this was some fantastic stuff.

fantastic and no need for changes needed.


Smooth music, simple comedy... nothing not to like about this show. :) Another great ep.


Godfart kind of sounds like godfather. You know, the movie. Hey, this had shooting in it! I was impressed by that awesome backstory. So was Beebo's owner. It's weird because "Beebo" was actually a nickname for me as a kid.

It's also the name of a website. I guess it's a generic cutesy name. Wasn't expecting him to get impaled. Or Beebo to get shot. This was quite violent, but fun.

11+ years on and this flash is still hilarous. A real classic. I hope Beebo continues with more episodes, being as funny today as it was back then.