SpaceFlight '08

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Happy New Year! In this Game, you can fly a rocket about in space. Where there is no friction. So if you don't watch out, you could find yourself hurtling out of control into an asteroid. Which isn't there. Because I destroyed them all by accident with a Vogon Bulldozer yesterday. Anyway, enjoy. <note>
there are no goals, no objectives, and no points in this game. Yet... If you need help, press on the ? at the bottom left of the screen </note>

Thanks to GustTheASGuy for the help with the rocket's Actionscript!



wtf! get a plot and some asteroids and call lt pac man!

Rocket maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Not exactly Apollo 11 is it? LOL! Add a story, involving guns, drugs, booze and sex. Add a scoreboard, with the unhygenic retards with slouchy dispositions at the top and decent people at the bottom. Have multiplayer, with customizeable weapons and equipment (i.e. CoD4) and have better animations. Also, add customizeable characters (i.e. Mass Effect).


No objective, no scoreboard, just flying around with a rocket pointlessly. Good game? 0/5. Good creating and sofistocation? 4/5. Overall, 2/5.

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It'd be a lot more fun to fly around if the screen followed the rocket, however.

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nice original concept, no objectives or anything.
liked it, it would be nice if the screen was bigger though, so it wouldn't be so easy to go off screen.
But got boring pretty fast, although all the info boxes on the side were really helpful. liked it.

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2.58 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2008
12:00 AM EST
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