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Hello Newgrounds! I hope you like this latest movie.

This is a battle between two militia clans, action ensues! If you're curious about the story a bit, heres some info!

Bladebikes: Swift bikes powered by semi-tangible blades, which allow them to sink in the ground and go right through obstacles.

Militia Clans: Small militaristic clans that fight in battles overseen by judges. They continue to fight either until one side gives up due to losses or the other side captures the clan flag.


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wish life were this epic... :P

nicely done :D


You seem to like really tall structures. Pretty ammazing animation, original as always. I really don't quite understand the whole Militia clans thing, though. If that was just a game of capture the flag, I'd hate to see what war is like for them.


Not much of a story though. Great animation skills are used here. I dunno if you were trying to go for something a little "dark," but you could add a little more colour to it.

LordDF responds:

When I look back at it, I don't really like the grayscale thing. But it did sort of support a mood of 'early dawn' and its GREAT practice for scene composition.

Thanks for review :)

Nice man

Really good. But it didn't have a lot of story. YOu should make a series, or explain this universe more. Are the Bladebike people and the hat dudes related? And also you could have put something in the begginning, because the hat dudes seemed more like victims of a genocide rather then players in an epic battle. Good overall, you difenatly have untapped potential. Work on the story and you could go places.

LordDF responds:

You have some very good points. At the time I started this, I was working on a comic which this is an excerpt from. I had a lot to do after that though and the comic kinda got put on backhold, so this by itself is totally confusing. :P

Great review!

nicely done!

I think this was really well done, you put a lot of effort into it and it shows. some perspective things looked a little weird but you def. have the hang of it and will only get better with time!

goot shtuff mon.

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4.26 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2007
4:15 PM EST