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hope you enjoy it.

it is my tribute to the awesome MY NEWGROUNDS SERIES

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE rate and review even if you aren't in the mood.

I will respond to each and every review I PROMISE!

God Bless

-Onaz (aka. "ddd164")

I'm Onaz and i'm a Lazy Animator.



u remind me of daxflame from youtube! You just copied stuff from other people's my newgrounds except u made it NOT FUNNY.

Onaz responds:

sooooo if it wasn't funny, why did you put "lol" as your topic.

lol means LAUGH OUT LOUD just to tell you... you probably had no idea.


not bad....

Wasn't too bad... sound sucked tho.... i can see way your a lazy NGer... lol you don't try new stuff... but it was funny non the less...

try a stick flash... i'm geting inspired by the Animator Vs. Animation series :]

Onaz responds:

lol. i would if i could animate sticks good.


The only 'My Newgrounds' that made me laugh

I'm not even sure if they're supposed to be funny but this one is in some parts.

I recommended this for the 'My Newgrounds' collection before I wrote this reveiw.

You may want to ask people not to base their reveiws off of how their opinions differ with yours so they don't give it a zero just because they like Foamy or something like that. There's a way to edit the 'Author's Comments' space to put that in there, right?

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Onaz responds:

thanks greylord. ur a nice guy! :)



you actually prove a point
im tierd of people who have never tried flash going
this animation sucks .. you suck!!
and then in the end the flash was really hard and they never knew how hard it is to animate...
well my flash that i actually put some effort into is processing right now..
lets just hope it wont get blammed
and btw i love the flash and i hate foamy too..
but the only thing that made the flash kinda bad is the spimd quality
anyways im guna give you a 5 for brining up the point

Onaz responds:

yo man. thanks a lot. ur a great pal. hopefully we can work together on a collaboration flash someday!

God Bless and remember to vote five on my flashes and also nominate my flash for the collection.


-Onaz! (aka: ddd164)

i wonder y ppl are saying that this is horriable

this isnt that bad at all just the video quality isnt that good and the animation added to the video isnt well either doesnt mean its horrible, at least he tried to make it and i think this animation deserve to be in the collection "my NG"

Onaz responds:

well borly. i have 2 words to say to you. YOU ARE AWESOME.

thanks for believing in me dude. also remember to nominate this for the MY NG collection. please and thank you! :)

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1.49 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2007
12:07 AM EST
Comedy - Parody