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TOFA Collection

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This is a collection of short cartoons I made for an event on AlbinoBlackSheep. Each round we were given a limited amount of time and a topic to make a cartoon based off of. The topics were:

- To The Brim of Existence
- Two Perspectives
- True Happiness
- Legends


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Each was individually very good, but taken together they build to greatness. Well done!


everything was so funny omg

Amazing animation...

I have to say, you are, by far, one of my favorite animators on Newgrounds. You have a unique and varied perspective on the goofiness of life and I really think you should go into animation as a career. However....... I've watched several of your toons and two things strike me. There are many, many funny people out there that have become stars because they have talented writers behind them or the right director. I'm not saying you aren't funny (Because your animation is funny all on its own...), but the actual jokes and humor of some of your skits, in my opinion, seem to miss the mark. On some of the more esoteric pieces you've done, I get where you're coming from, but, at least in my crappy opinion, they just don't seem to come out right. I really hope you don't get upset at my comments because your animation is really, really funny all on its own and I would hate to put any doubt in your mind. I just think with someone there to collaborate with and maybe act as a soundboard would make your toons #1 on this site. The only other thing I have to say is (and this has nothing to do with your talent as an animator...), but you might want to invest in a decent microphone and soundproof the room you use. Just putting up some think drapes on the walls can get rid of the echo and tinniness of some of your audio. Its just that sometimes I have to strain to hear the dialogue over the other noises. There's just one thing I do want you to know concerning all of what I've said: I AM SCUM. I have never made any animation in my life and only have minimal experience in making audio comedy. Please, if its necessary, completely disregard what I have said. I only said it as constructive criticism, but I have no right to say anything. If any part of this makes you doubt yourself and your ability, write me and tell me and I will go out into the back yard, flay the skin from my bones with a rusty fish knife, fry it up on an old hotplate my dad used back in the 60's and feed the flaking, sizzling mess to my aged cat. I probably deserve nothing less. Please, PLEASE keep going and keep creating. Merry Jesus Day and have a Happy Changing Of The Dates... An unworthy mound of festering scum


hilriously funny, but those smiling flowers creeped me out!


I thought that the whole thing was funny, but the best one was true happiness.

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4.66 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2007
9:52 AM EST