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You're a scientific experiment gone wrong. You were created to be the ultimate female for man, but you have different ideas. You plan on killing all who stand in your way and ultimately kill the man who funded your project George W Bush.

Default keys W, A, S, D; mouse point and shoot. Double click movement keys to activate rocket boots. All keys can be customised.

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I remember playing this game way back in the day, and it is way better than I remembered

The flying scorpions aren't EASY to kill! I had to kill one through a fucking wall! Don't make games where easy mode is hard.

I enjoyed very much Plus both music and graphics are very good. The controls thought, I found them a little rough. What I mean is that there was a perfect responding to the movement and the pointer but there were some things like that little stop she takes whenever she lands or... well I think this is the most important, that tired me. Also it gave me the impression of being a little "naked". I would love it to have maybe the plot affecting the fighting (different backgrounds, enemy groops, walls and platforms in general) that would make a difference getting me even more excited to proceed, to see the rest of the game, what comes next. But on the other hand I liked the freedom and the simplicity in choosing colors and outfits. Once again it is a very good game, and these would make it only just better for me. Sorry for the bad organization of my comments, I had to wright it really quick!

Not that bad.
Reminds me of Megaman Zero.

I really am glad to have come by this game. I think the best part is how it's just straight up destruction. The music's really cool too. I would think a game with a name like "Cyborg" wouldn't be that interesting. Boy, was I wrong! You have such wonderful mobility in this.

At the same time, it isn't too difficult. A lot of the time, the enemies don't even really come at you. At least this won some kind of award. I am glad that this is so popular. It should still have a higher rating, though.