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Be The Santa

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Merry Xmas!

W,S,A,D or Arrow Keys to move.
Move + Shift button to run.
M to mute.
Put presents, eat cookies, exit.
Walk on carpets, stay out of lights, do not run on floors, don't knock vases.

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While not too special, I did like this game. I think it's mostly because you know how to keep it interesting. It actually does show a pretty realistic depiction of Santa Claus. Granted, in real life, he'd have to go to a house every 1,000th of a second in one night. The artwork isn't bad.

I do think it could have been more detailed. The sounds are pretty good. I don't know why you seem to get extra time with that certain part of the carpet. It's not that memorable, but good. Happy late or early Christmas I guess!

As it is, the game is only decent. The game could've been a really good Christmas type "The Classroom" game, but it was very limited and frustrating for a few reason.
- The run function is almost useless except for avoiding lights on the carpet.
- Sometimes once your meter rises due to mistakes on the platers part, there is no way to complete the level. A restart button would be nice.
- The "quit" button does not work. It only opens up a webpage to armorgames
- You never know how close to the lights you can get without increasing your detection bar
- It was very easy to get stuck around corners.
- More extensive areas would also have been better to add more variety.
- Security cameras would have been cool as well as guard dogs for Santa to dodge.
- Music would've helped enhance the gaming experience more.

The whole experience just ends up being frustrating to me, but I love the concept (as do many others) and I hope you come back to this in the future.


Nice game...I think..."stealth"... really simple!

Honestly, not a fan

I didnt enjoy this game... Not because I hate christmas, I love christmas.
It was however, the ease in getting caught.
It was a very nice concept, I'll give you that, but the only problem is, it detection bar went up so quickly I gave up on level four.
Still, though, keep at it

Okay game

Kinda hard.
Simple gamplay.
Really simple.
Still good.
nice graphics.