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Edit: Cool, it made it into the Christmas 2007 collection! Yay!

Well, this is my second ever Newgrounds submission, and my first Solo Project. I worked extra hard on this one, so please take time to play and review!

Also, be sure to play past level 1--the levels start easy, simple, and "boring" to some, but the game's complexity increases and becomes more fun!

Please review, leave any constructive criticisms, and feel free to PM me about whatever!

To play, simply click the Snowflakes as they fall from the sky. "Speedy flake bonus" is received when you click fast-moving Snowflakes. Fireflakes are red Snowflakes that, if you let them fall, deplete the quota bar and short you 500 points! Iceflakes are blue Snowflakes that, if collected, "freeze" your time bar and quota bar, allowing you extra time to get more points!

Have fun, and don't forget to review and rate!

And, to God be the glory.


yay my song is in the boss level

lol sweet!..awesome game there its very addicting should post it on addicting games . com lol there is a few things i could say though....the game does have not much features..i do like the freeze thing there but it does have the flaw of stoping your meter from going up..thats the good challengeing part but it does get annoying...
anyway...its a good game cant wait to see more from u..thanx for adding my song


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ShirkDeio responds:

Yeah, your song rocked! It was perfect for the boss level!

Also, yeah, the Iceflakes also froze the meter, allowing you to get more points. It is annoying for level 5 especially, huh? I thought it added to the challenge. Thanks for reviewing!

Its to easy

im excited i got in the top an all even though its new but you should make it a little harder

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ShirkDeio responds:

Did you try level 5? Some people who tested it called it "impossible." Thanks for reviewing!


this game is a lot of fun and it keeps getting more challenging...
PLUS there is some great music!

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ShirkDeio responds:

Glad you liked, thanks for reviewing!

Yeah, I really like the music, too!

/Retarted!!!! yet so addicting

the only point of this game is to make me feel dumber every second by clicking a snowflake

kudos on the graphics and idea

ShirkDeio responds:

Glad you liked the graphics, they were my first attempt at that. Did you play through to level 4 or 5, by any chance?

Thanks for reviewing.

This is a cool game

I've got a little bit of a lag with my mouse, so that makes things a little more difficult, but from level 2, it provides a great challenge.
I wouldn't mind maybe having a keyboard controlled version, with requirements changed accordingly, as some people prefer keyboard controls to the mouse.
Good job, and thanks for using my audio! XD

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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks for making such a great song!

If I get the chance, I might yet add keyboard controls. Thanks for the review!

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3.71 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2007
11:06 PM EST
Skill - Collect