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Max Mesiria Chp3 RPG

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++++ !! !! FOR OUR FANS !!! !!! EVERYTHING PPL WANTED WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN, BUT we don't know when we will be able to get out the new updated version +++++++

so we say to our fan, consider this a beta version. what's missing:
-ppl talking
-items in barrel and chest
-fixing visual glitches
-world map (bland) will be upgraded
-most impressive beast arent in the game at moment
-other stuff

-MouseClick: interactions (save point, doors, etc)
-Arrow keys: character movement
-Enter: open/close the menu

About alchemy:
It replaces magic (for humans). To create an alchemy you must have all the ingredients, so buy some at the alchemy store!


i agree with the other karlock

i ebjoyed all the series especially number 2...i kicked ass. but 3 bored me, it was slow, and right now my character has just complete;y disappeared in the room before i go outside and (presumably) down the ladders. the story and game mode and layout etc in number 2 was perfect for this type of game, but number 3 was lame and was far too much like a final fantasy copy for my liking. stick to what you do best, be simple (as in 2) but extend it a little further, not completely change "what everyone likes already", good series, well done, enjoyed playing it

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that was awsom

a little polish and would be worth a 10* but for now 9 .... i am scared of the old man he swings a freaking anchor and does a load of damage...... still sweet game just needs some polish.

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This is a beta testing (demo) don't go ballistic just because 80% of the fun is taken away..


Played all chapters Great series

supra .............

lame heck we cant talk to the people and we cant open some doors so lame that i couls say any game could be better just fix what i wrote an itl be fine heck for a game

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2007
1:05 AM EST
Adventure - RPG