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Author Comments

This is one of my best ever.

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fucken nonsense


If this is your best flash, I'd hate to see your worst...(SHUDDER)....


Unoriginal, Boreing, Simple, Thoughless I could go on for an hour GOSH.

Needed a story to it and some music.

The first scene seemed too quiet as there was no sound, although due to the nature of the scene, it was acceptable, when you went away from the sofa and heard the guy got killed, instead of just having blackness you should have had flickering light as it would have been a much better effect.

When the newsreader was reading the news report you should ahve had a voice saying the news report, or at least some text at the bottom of the screen to show what it was that he was saying.

The scene with the dog was an alright one as it showed the story prgressing and that it was about some monster going around killing everyone, however the dog's barking sounded horrible and it was extremely annoying.

Then you had a closeup of the monster's face, jsut showing the eyes and teeth, you had a sound playing(which I'm assuming was supposed to be the sound his teeth was making), which didn't sound right at all.

Then you had the monster kill the guy, this scene was very poorly animated, then you went back to the closeup, which had the exact same problem as before.

Then the monster somehow about at the sea and jumped in the water and atatcked a boat, despite the randomness of this whole scene and the lack of originality it wasn't too bad.

Then the monster came out of the water and got shot by some people, this scene was alright but after the monster got shot you should have had some sort of sequence explaining what the monster was and why he killed all the people, but you didn't, you just ended it, which just made the whole movie really poor.

Overall the movie was poor, it was nothing original and it completely lacked in story which was absolutely vital for this movie to be good as there were things that needed to be explained that were just left. There was a distinct lack of sound throughout the whole movie and when you did use sound it was really poor, you should have used better sound effects and also had some music in it in order to fill up the long periods of silence, which just didn't seem right at all. The idea to this was an alright one and you had a few scenes that were okay, the main thing that let it down though was the fact that there was no story to it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



cool monster, weird yellow arms though..........wtf was up with those rednecks on the boat?

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2000
10:07 PM EDT