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Tank Wars RTS v 1.5

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Tank Wars RTS version 1.5 is an improved version of the newgrounds game "Tank Wars RTS" with better graphics . Since Tank Wars RTS is a really laggy game , the previous version had lower quality graphics to make it run faster.

Note :This version is for those whos comps can handle the better graphics and still run at an acceptable performance. If you want to play this game but don't like the low fps, play version 1.0 on newgrounds.

Oh, if you really want both, you may drop me your email address via PM so I can send you the flash.exe projector file. You can also download swfxxl (free trial) at www.swfxxl.com and modify the game so it runs faster.

Have fun and don't forget to vote.


Take on the role of Commander and control the battlefield of tanks in this fully-fledged Real Time Strategy Game. Establish a base. Gather resources. Build up your defenses. Create and upgrade your tanks. Directly command your forces to destroy the enemy. You can even launch a nuke for devastating annihilation. It's that easy. And it's all under your control!

3 part Interactive Tutorial.

18 upgrades for your units!

9 Map Conquest Mode Campaign. Conquer the whole battlefield to win!

6 Skirmish mode maps.

5 Different Skirmish AI strategies to choose from: Offense Commander, Defense Commander, Technology Commander, Superweapon Commander and Economy Commander.

6 different types of tank including the all-powerful prototype laser tank

6 structures and 4 types of upgradeable turrets (including mines)

Beta Save Game/Load game feature for the campaign.
The artillery can be deestroyed now, thx for all your feedback.

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I can't even selet a fucking unit?!

amazing but 10/10 5/5

but there r 1 thing must put in that game first:the building cars must help each other example(the missle silo is so hard to build 1 building car will take it in long time but 9 building cars will take it in short time) please vote (+)




man sometimes if u play flash when you press play on your left mouse they skip the game its like a cheat every time i play mission i won by pressing play button!

i liked it

i liked it but it needs some work
try making it where its has hot keys like ( attack closet enemy vehicle )
or (attack closet enemy building)
also tell us why were fighting
i seem to enjoy games more if i have a hatred for someone or if im being falsely accused of something
a story of why we want world domination
it was a little laggy with my fast procesor...
over all good game...