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Collosus Killer 1

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Author Comments

goddamn thats a long wait! but finally its here, just for your entertainment!!!
note: this is a tribute series to: madness, bunykill and weapons of angels and angry faic.
it did take very long time so enjoy. oh, and remember: this is the first episode, that means it's kinda a ''try-out'' to see how they will make it. and, i was trying to really hurry up, thinking many was waiting for me to get finished. watch then vote, vote fair and leave a review.
check out my other submissions too, who knows, maybe u like them!!!
now, stop reading this and WATCH THAT MOVIE!!! oh, and enjoy.


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im giving you a 7 for the video, because you have the basics of flash down.

but im giving your attitude an age description of 5 years old.
after reading how you reacted to blackflamets's review i lost a lot of respect for your flash ability.

And before you tear me apart, yes ive flash'd before but no ive never uploaded any. Im loath to upload even my favorite music because newgrounds will tell you whats wrong. You need to learn to listen to your critics. they are what make you better, not the suck-ups.

sebbeshs responds:

Yea... Im Sorry. But I Got A Bit Frustraded, As Many Others Could Get.
But, I Just Cant Get It: Why Do He/She Absolutely Have To Watch This When He/She Actually Dont Want To? Thats A Bit Confusing. I Am Not Going To "Tear You Up" Or Anything, Just Trying To Explain. Also, I'll Edit The Respond Below. Im Sorry.
I'd Really Hope You Could Forgive Me.


compared to about everything there's been this is really just a repetitive kill-everything skit. I'm giving it a 4 because the idea of shooting the gas tank of an abandoned chainsaw was clever.

For one, you basically just took sound effects/gun objects/blood straight from the Madness series (not to say it's plagiarism, just more about the whole repetitive thing.) Then you replaced the characters with three circles and some ears. Also, the low framerate contributed to the problem. You need a faster animation to get the audience a better feel for the fighting scenes. Also, obviously, a bit too short.

sebbeshs responds:

Ok, Lets Start Explaing And Stuff:

Yes, It Is A "Repetive Kill-Everything Skit". But Thats What My Series Are! That Problem, Im Sorry, But Sadly You Got To Live With That. If You Do Not Like Kill Everythin Stuff, Then Nobody Says You Got To Watch It.Or Have I? No.

About Taking Sonds Guns Or Blood From Madness: No, I Have Not Taked ANYTHING From Madness Except The Melee Weapons:
~No, I Did NOT Take Sound Effects From Madness, But From FlashKit.
~No And Yes. Melee Weps = From Madness. Guns Made By Me.
~Blood Effects All By Me.
So You Also Were A Bit Wrong There Too. Sadly.

Also, The Characters Are My Choice. (PS: There Are Not Ears. Its 2 Arms, 2 Feets And 1 Body.) However, Il Change The Outfit From Whats The Staus Of The Character.

Yes, I Cant Help The Low Frame Rate (Yet). Thats Because Im Not Gone That Far To Have That Big Frame Rate. And Yes, Its Short.

Remember; Im Not A PRO At Flash...

Hopes That Clears Things Up. (Im Sorry For The Last Response.)


Madness Remixed

I just know that people are gonna rip on this for being so similar to madness, but the thing is, I liked this better. Maybe that's just because EVERYONE tries to do madness and it comes out terrible, I don't know. The music was good, the visual style was attractive... you might have considered putting in a background. With a little more effort (and maybe a plot), this could be fantastic.

sebbeshs responds:

i just couldnt find a story and good backgrounds.
ill try get that on in the 2... if many want that i shall make it.
over min. 40% gotta want that. or maybe just myself ;)

If you hadnt said that you made it as a tribute!!!

If you hadnt said that you made it as a tribute it would have sucked but good work over all. next time try to make your own work cuz thats more impressive

sebbeshs responds:

Well, This Is My Own Work.........

Also, Did You Just Say It Would Have Sucked If It Was A Tribute, Even Though Its NOT,
AND You DONT Want This To Be A Tribute?! ...lol...

Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
12:57 PM EST