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Smash Kingdom

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This has been a project I have been working on for a while now, it is a compilation of skits I have created based on Super Smash Bros Brawl. If you did not know already, the official site of the game has been giving out daily updates, most of which these skits are based off of. Also there are 2 small arrows that will allow you to scene skip or go back so you can go to your favorite skit whenever you want. I also worked with another very talented author who goes by the name of Xcyper33 who helped make this flash possible, he has made a lot of very well done sprite fight scenes that I suggest you check out after you watch this, here are some of his remarks...

Xcyper33: It's been awhile since i've posted a flash so i'm doing a quick little warmup with my pal Aras. Wanna thank Blaze-Enix, PaulJr., and Sonic-Turbine. Stay tuned for Sonic TLE3!

(edit) Please note that this was made WAY back in December when no one knew nothing of the final roster, the jokes were made on pure speculation and I never claimed that this was the offical thing. So please refrain from calling me a noob because it's outdated, next time I suggest checking out the release date before you make such an assumption.

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Thats so true HeyImNewHere

Mario, donkey kong and falcon are being assholes to jigglypuff

An interesting sprite element

Very nice sprites in this one or is it pixel haha anyways great stuff and no changes are needed with this one, so here was An interesting sprite element you bring some nice sprite visuals here the sprite work on this is pretty amazing as it is, you have some nice creative ideas and really make the sprites and action come alive here, I really enjoyed this sprite movie here.

nice sprites in this one or is it pixel haha anyways great stuff and no changes are needed with this one,


The Movie was predicted if Megaman was in the smash, but Megaman was confirmed for Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U