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Author Comments

this is just something i did for my data class while i was still in high school...

1) roll a dice (if you have one) then click the button that matches your roll.

2) pick a card (heart = win / spade = lose).

there is always only one spade during each selection (from 6 cards to 2 cards).
when there is only one card left it is always a heart.

3) repeat 2) until you reach the prize or lose.

probably a little bit plain for newgrounds... but i thought people might still enjoy the cute graphics.

(i vectored those little onion emoticons that azns love)

additional credits: the audio i used is from the animes "naruto" and "the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya".

and heres some mathy information if your interested...


Our game can be classified as a Hypergeometric Distribution.

P(x) = (aCx)(n-aCr-x) / (nCr)


a - is the number of successes in the population
x - is the number of successes
n - is the total number of possible outcomes
r - the number of dependant trials


Die Roll: All of the possible "Die Roll" outcomes. A player can roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. After which a player can either win or lose on the card aspect of the game.
(If a 1 is rolled, the player automatically wins)

Probability: The probability of the "Die Roll" (1/6) is multiplied by the probability of the card aspect of the game (P(x) = (aCx)(n-aCr-x)) / (nCr) to obtain the total probability.

The player has a 49 / 120 probability of winning.


Money: Each game costs $1. Therefore, if a player wins the $1 by completing the game after rolling a 1 or a 2, that player breaks even. If a player wins the $2 by completing the game after rolling a 3 or a 4, that player gains $1. If a player wins the $3 by completing the game after rolling a 5 or a 6, that player gains $2. Finally, if a player fails to complete the game, that player simply loses his or her $1.

Expected Return: The "Money" is multiplied by the total probability to obtain the expected return.

The player has an expected return of -67 / 180 per game.

(ie. The player loses approximately $ -0.37. per game)

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Epic for some reason..

I-I.. don't know why I find this so epic. >_<
T'is... epic. D:
Epic. D:


i know the prize song is from naruto but what's the name?
it was fun though.

Kinda fun.

To be honest, your blatent attempt at being fun, and the cute graphics, add up to this being fun. As it is it isn't that great of a submission, and it dosen't really provide much fun, but the graphics is so neat that you just want to continue playing. As for the gameplay itself, it dosen't really provide much reward. Sure it's fun to play, but without a highscores table or somthing, it dosen't really provide that much replayability. Overall, well this isn't a bad game, but again, I just didin't feel much for this game. Good job nontheless.


LOL amazingly i won on my first try... i think i lost all the time when i played it at school... and i just realized now... NARUTO VICTORY SONG AT THE END!!!

Nice but..

I had a pattern when I played it. o_O

for a roll of 6...
a 2nd 5th and 6th cards would always be hearts... or is that just a coincidence.

well, nice game anyways. :)

Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2007
9:58 AM EST