Tall Turtle - Episode 1

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Tall Turtle is a dumb turtle..and err he's also tall...yeah...anyway in this episode Tall Turtle finds a dollar. Yep.



Tomajko - Animation, Drawings, and Tall Turtle idea

LampShadez - Voice


a little funny.

the only thing that i really didn't like was i had no idea what the doller was saying. could you make the speech of the doller a bit louder? other than a few other things it was kinda good.

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Pretty good, guys!

A little random for my tastes, but I guess a lot of NGers like that nowadays. Whatever. Pretty funny though (although it might be better if I could understand what the dollar bill was saying). Since series tend to get better as they continue, I guess I'd be interested to see how Tall Turtle's story unfolds. After all, total dumbasses tend to get in funny situations, and they're probably only going to get funnier as this story progresses.

But caliginous is right. You need to work on that volume, including that of the bleeps. But overall, this is pretty good. Keep it up guys, you're doing good.

Oh, and LampShadez? Sorry about my previously-conceived notions of your group. I used to think of you as spammers. But real spammers never produce anything this good. I guess I just made a hasty judgement based on a few flashes which looked like spam. Sorry, man.

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TomajkoLampShades responds:

Okay, thanks for the tips.


sorry, this wasn't funny. nothing interesting happens. nothing makes sense a all. and the voice for the turtle was just bad. the worst part of it all was that you told me the whole story before it even happened in you authors comment, sorry this just sucked!
IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT BETTER first try to make a story worth watching. Change the dumb ass voice "derr, oh i don't know Jorg". it okay to have a retarted sounding voice, but come on guys back off a little. and work on timing... a lot, that dollar bit went on five times longer than it should. so unless you make so major changes don't make anymore!!! I can't understant how this got above a 2.3

Twas good.

But yeah. You've got to level off the volume of the bleeps with the volume of the speech. Also, I think more animation is required. Not much action, but funny audio. Again though. The volume of the bleep should be about the same as the volume of the speech. I hope I've been helpful.

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The movie isnt that bad...

...though it wasnt my type of humor either. Anyway, bashing peoples reviews because they dont have any submissions themselves is stupid. Or can't you judge music, movies and books, because you are neither artist, producer nor author?

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4.01 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2007
3:19 PM EST
Comedy - Original